Benefits to Organic Gardening

Benefits to organic gardening include healthy food, wise stewardship of your land and a better world.  Just imagine how much better the world would be if everyone did their part and grew their own food organically.

Still skeptical about the benefits?  Then read on.  Here are five benefits to organic gardening.

Benefits to Organic Gardening
1.  Healthiest Food Out There

Commercially-produced food is sprayed and fed with chemicals, which means you are eating a diet of pesticides every time you eat this food, even if you wash it well. 

Not only that, but some of the fruits and vegetables now are gmos, meaning they are a frankenstein food made from splicing the genes of plants with animal genes. 

Do you really want to eat that and give it to your children?

By growing your own organic produce, you can provide your family with clean, healthy food that will improve your health and promote healing.

With a simple trash barrel and lid you can make your own homemade fertilizer to feed and strengthen the plants in your garden.

The Benefits to Organic Gardening
2.  Wise Stewardship

Commercial farming tends to rape the land, but not so with organic gardening.  Instead you are being a wise steward of the land allotted you, whether it's five acres or a small, backyard lot. 

With organic gardening you feed the soil, as well as improve it.

With organic gardening, you improve and heal the soil using natural methods, such as earthworms.

  Just imagine how healed the earth would become if everyone practiced organic gardening?

Benefits to Organic Gardening
3.  It's Frugal, Self-Sufficient Homesteading At It's Best

With organic gardening, you compost to build new soil, as well as grow plants that attract beneficial insects, bypassing the need for costly fertilizers and insecticides.  By growing heirloom vegetables, you can save the seeds, so that you pay less in the long run.  No running to a commercial greenhouse every spring. 

Thus, you grow your own, healthy food self-sufficiently, a skill that will pay off should an EMP or other financial disaster strike.

Benefits to Organic Gardening
4.  You Save the Environment

Pesticides may get rid of those garden pests, but they also poison other beneficial insects and birds in the process.  Plus those chemicals you use to feed plants (which do nothing to improve the soil, by the way) eventually seep down into water tables and are washed into streams and rivers, polluting our water.

Not only that, commercial farming wastes water and causes soil erosion, wreaking havoc with our environment.  Farming equipment use a tremendous amount of fossil fuels.  Imagine how much you can help the environment if you do your part and grow your own food organically.

By gardening organically, we can save water and soil erosion by mulching our plants.  We can improve the health and fertility of our soil. 

Benefits to Organic Gardening
5.  It's a Healthier, More Satisfying
Way to Live

Gardening is a great way to enjoy being outdoors and exercise on a regular basis.  Yes, it can be hard work sometimes, but it is also satisfying work.  There's nothing more exciting than seeing seedlings bud out and to harvest your own fresh, safe produce.

Learn More About Organic Gardening

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Gardening can be much more than a hobby; one of the benefits to organic gardening is it can also be a way to raise most of your food. Here's how.

If you want the richest humus for your gardening, consider composting with worms.

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