All Natural Health Remedies

All natural health remedies are the homesteader's savvy tools to fight illness, be prepared and save money.

And who wouldn't want to be prepared in case the insane happens, and you don't have easy access to a doctor?

Besides, every time I treat an illness naturally, I feel empowered.  I bet you do too.

So with that in mind, here are ten all natural health remedies to save you money and keep you and your loved ones healthy naturally.

1.  Apricot Kernels

This is my number-one, favorite way to fight illnesses.  These bitter, little kernels are loaded with Vitamin B-17, which kills viruses and cancer cells.

Mind you, don't want to take too many of these at one time.  Only take three every couple of hours.

But trust me.  Three is plenty.  I've seen people recover from the flu in a couple of hours after taking three of these seeds crushed and added to yogurt or ice cream.  Amazing stuff.

2.  Colloidal Silver

So what's so great about colloidal silver?

Mainly because it:

  • boosts your immune system
  • works like an antibiotic
  • a lot cheaper than a doctor visit

Many of the established medical experts start foaming at the mouth when you mention the words "colloidal silver". 

But despite the fact some folks in the medical industry would like every single bottle of colloidal silver nuked into oblivion, silver is effective as an antibacterial agent. 

Considering that antibiotics have become so overused and abused that we're now becoming threatened by super bugs, doesn't it make sense to look for an alternative to antibiotics?

At the time this article was written, colloidal silver costs less than $20, while a doctor's visit costs about $100, if you don't have insurance.  For the savings, I'd argue it's worth a try to use colloidal silver first.

3.  Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

This is another one of those all natural health remedies that is often overlooked.   Despite what you may have heard, tropical oils aren't bad for you, but instead are some of the best fats out there.

Not only that, but extra virgin coconut oil also has antibiotic properties that will help fight viruses. 

Coconut Oil has Lauric Acid and the same saturated fat that is found in human breast milk.  It's a natural way to build your immune system and avoid the doctor's office.

So the next time you get a sore throat, consider adding a tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil to your coffee or oatmeal. 

4.  Homeopathy

Books like this one are crucial to learn about and effectively use homeopathic medicines.

I've been using homeopathic medicines since 1996, and I'm convinced these "minimal doses" are the reason I'm not crippled by Lupus today.

This wonderful medicine views symptoms as the body's attempt to heal itself.

Therefore rather than suppressing symptoms the way traditional medicine does, homeopathy seeks to stimulate our symptoms, giving our bodies the strength to self-heal.

Some people argue that homeopathy only works because of the "placebo" effect.  In other words that people are psychologically tricked into thinking they're better.

But homeopathic vets have been treating animals successfully with homeopathy for years, and it's also been used to treat babies and small children, which pretty much blows that argument out of the water.

5.  Vitamin Therapy

This book is an excellent source for using vitamin therapy for healing.

Vitamin therapy is yet another little known, but extremely powerful one of the all natural health remedies that fights colds and illnesses and even overcomes more serious illnesses. 

A friend of mine opted for vitamin therapy to combat the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis instead of traditional medicines. 

Many years later, she was still up and mobile while others she knew who were diagnosed at the same time wound up in wheel chairs.

One extremely frustrating aspect of the medical profession is that doctors are taught very little about nutrition.

Andrew Saul, author of the book, Doctor Yourself, says that most illness - including not only the chronic diseases, but also viral and bacterial acute illness - is due to malnutrition. 

Saul argues that giving a sick person drugs is akin to adding poison to a lake to clean it.  Considering how costly and invasive established medicine can be, doesn't it make sense to instead try taking a megadose of Vitamin C the next time you're sick?

6.  Probiotics

Did you know that one of the biggest problems with taking antibiotics is that it destroys the healthy bacteria in our intestines? 

These micro-organisms are our primary defense in fighting off illness, but many of us have a diminished supply of these healthy bacteria because of overuse of antibiotics and our poor diets. 

Taking a probiotic on a regular basis will build your immune system and help fight off illnesses.

Another good way of adding healthy bacteria to your body is to drink kefir on a regular basis.  I've used it for years to keep yeast infections away.

Making your own kefir and drinking it daily is a great way to stay healthy.

7.  Aromatherapy

Strong smells can antidote homeopathy, so I was leery of trying aromatherapy for a long time, but recently I have become convinced of the efficacy of aromatherapy.  I have found them especially helpful in relieving stress and helping me sleep.

The therapeutic power of essential oils has been recognized and used for centuries. Flowers and herbs, such as lavender, rose, rosemary and chamomile can be used to help you relax, uplift your spirits, relieve insomnia and ease your headaches.

Essential oils like this one can ease pain, including the pain of a burn.

The next time you have an earache, add a drop or two of peppermint essential oil to a warm carrier oil such as olive oil and then pour a little bit of it into your ear canal.  It works fast to ease earache pain.

Lavender essential oil is also good for easing the pain of burns.

Note:  Never apply pure essential oils to your skin. They should be diluted in a carrier oil, such as sweet almond oil. Apply the diluted oil to your skin and they will be absorbed in the bloodstream for healthy benefits. You can learn more about aromatherapy here.

8.  All Natural Health Remedies in the Home: Witch Hazel

While all the remedies listed above are remedies you can take at home, there are also other home remedies from natural foods and substances that can also help heal illnesses.

Remember what your grandmother told you about witch hazel and all its natural cures? Witch hazel will treat hemorrhoids, rashes and even stop bleeding. Raw honey protects a cut from getting infected and helps it to heal without a scar. Ginger will ease nausea.

You can learn more about these all natural health remedies here.

9.  Honey

One of the most powerful all natural health remedies out there, raw honey is a must-have in your home remedy arsenal. 

Honey can heal any wound and works amazingly well to heal both ulcers and a sore throat. 

A child between the ages of two and five can have half a teaspoon of honey followed by warm chamomile tea flavored with lemon. 

Give a child between the ages of six and eleven a teaspoon.   Anyone over the age of twelve can have two teaspoons.  You can learn more about honey here.

Photo by Anda Ambrosini

10.  Herbal Remedies

And don't forget the wide range of herbal all natural health remedies that can ease the discomfort of many illnesses.  You can find them here.

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