Homeschooling Versus
Public Schools

Homeschooling versus public schools. Once you begin pursuing the self reliant life, living the homeschool life with your children becomes a given. After all, you want to be self reliant in every other aspect of your life. So why hand your children over to someone else to educate?

But there are plenty of other reasons you are likely to prefer homeschooling your children as opposed to putting them in public schools. Here are some good reasons why you should consider educating your children at home.

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Homeschooling Versus Public School and Raising Up Individuals

One reason to consider homeschooling is that by educating your child at home, he'll have more freedom to become himself. Let's say you submit a report at work and your co-worker trashes it. Or say you wear blue jeans to church and a fellow parishioner takes you to task. It not only ruins your day, you're likely to hide under a rock for a week.

Now imagine what it's like to be a child with peers ready to attack you for...anything, from the clothes you wear, to a blemish on your chin, to a lisp. Children are unbelievably cruel, and unchecked, peer pressure will rub out every ounce of individuality your child has.

But if you homeschool your child, he will have the freedom to be himself - in the safety of your home.

Greater Creativity

Being in a school setting - with bells ringing on the hour, children chattering and all the hustle and confusion - leave children with little time for quiet and reflection. An experienced homeschooler once told me that children - and boys especially - need sandbox time, alone time, and lots of it, to create, think things through and just plain zone out.

That's one of the benefits of homeschooling versus public schools. Your children will get that time, and be more creative for it.

A Better Quality Education

Many school classrooms have twenty children or more, which means teachers have little time to spend on each child individually. Your child will be lucky if he can get 20 minutes of individual attention from a teacher a day - while spending eight hours or more at school.

The benefits of homeschooling versus public schools, on the other hand, include far more one on one time. You can easily spend an hour a day with your child and cover all the subjects he would pursue at school, while giving him far better attention and education. Then he can spend the rest of the day pursuing his own projects or helping with chores.

Raising Up a Self Reliant Generation

By watching you pursue self reliance, your children will learn they can do many things themselves as well - one of the best lessons they can learn through homesteading and homeschooling. Imagine raising up a generation of youth who are like the men and women in Colonial days, able to do amazing things despite their lowly birth. There is no telling what that generation could do!

Other Helpful Resources

Living Books are books that bring all sort of subjects - even non-fiction topics - to life through enthralling writing. To learn more about teaching your children through great literature, visit Homeschool Curriculum for Life.

If you are considering homeschooling, but don't know how to get started, check out this step by step guide.

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