Bartering Corner

The bartering corner is where you can trade your homegrown products for items of equal value. Do you have honey, but long for fresh beef? Do you have chickens, but would like to have some duck eggs?

Are you good at woodworking, but want some apples? Just fill out the form below, and thanks for visiting Organic Gardening and Homesteading!

Have Something to Trade?

If you have something to trade or something you are looking for, then post it here. Be sure to mention your location and a way you can be contacted.

What Others Have for Trade

Click below to see what others have to trade, or what they are looking for...

Wild bee hive needs to be removed. (Not killed) 
Remove the hive and you keep the honey. Or??? Jim McCabe Tucson, AZ 85739 520 390-3110

Goat milk and products 
I have fresh goat milk, butter, farmer's cheese and soap.

I have eggs, seasonal produce, herbs, heiloom seeds, jams, jellies, canned tomato products, pickled okra, fermented sauerkraut 
Fresh milk or dairy products. I would love to trade seeds if you have heirlooms that I do not have. Also would love to barter for fresh bread.

SHEEP Not rated yet
1 ewe, and 6 rams all born Mar.--Apr 2015. Mothers are Shetland mixes (so these lambs listed are varying sizes from small to medium frame. Vaccinated, …

Theraputic Massage and Personal Fitness Training Not rated yet
Would like to barter my services as a self employed massage therapist and personal fitness trainer for organic black angus beef, cow's milk and goat's …

Free Ranch/Farm hand/ Gardener , Free care taker/Housekeeper Not rated yet
Free Ranch/Farm hand/ Gardener , Free care taker/Housekeeper/ Pet groomer in trade for a little land to homestead. Pretty much looking for anywhere that …

Fresh Eggs Not rated yet
I have fresh eggs for trade

Walnuts, Vegetables, Apples, Peaches, Pears, Hedge Wood, Small Livestock, Construction Materials, and More Not rated yet
Garden City, Missouri I would like to get a decent garden seed stockpile for my fall crop, winter hot frame gardens, and next years spring and summer …

Kansas City - lots of burdock to trade, usually have seeds, seedlings and other produce to trade Not rated yet
Kansas City - lots of burdock to trade, usually have seeds, seedlings and other produce to trade also looking for friends to help each other out. …

Pharmaceuticals, over the counters, medicines Not rated yet
Hello. I own a pharmacy and like to barter with a legal prescription of course. This may sound strange but I would like to be considered for serious bartering …

organic Corn meal, wheat flour, Grits, Honey and Jelly  Not rated yet
What ever as long as its organic or home grown, Wanted horse drawn equipment or whole grains for our gris-mill. We can grind your grains on portions or …

Grass fed beef Not rated yet
I have grass fed beef to trade I have riding horses to trade I need a solar generator I need a water well pump I need any type wind generators

Walnuts canned in syrup Not rated yet
I have walnuts in syrup canned in pint jars and homemade dish clothes. The nuts can be used for topping on ice cream or in cooking and cakes. Also I am …

My service as a family entertaineer Not rated yet
White-face make-up style I perform in the Louisville, Ky area. I perform as Blue The Clown, Santa Claus, Mr. Twister (a balloon artist) and …

Goats milk, fresh eggs. Not rated yet
I am east of Albuquerque, NM, and I have goats milk and eggs. I would love to find someone who has kefir grains they would be willing to share in exchange. …

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