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The Homesteading Blog is a mini-journal about all the how-tos on homesteading. Here's some great things it does:

  • Anytime a great new article appears with tips and stories from me or others who are pursuing the homesteading life you have the opportunity to hear it first.
  • You'll learn about any new postings to this site without having to come back every few days. Every new page link will be sent directly to you. How cool is that!
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  • So what is RSS? It's this great program that works a bit like email, only better.

You don't have to visit everyone's computer every day to see if they have sent you email, right? Instead, it is sent directly to you and stored in a special program in your email account. Then, when you're ready to view your email, you open up your account and read.

RSS works the same way.

You download a reader and if you have gmail or a yahoo email account, you can get RSS for free. Then, whenever you see a website you like, you just click on the RSS link. If you have Google, Yahoo or My MSN, it will add the site to your reader automatically. If not, you will have to paste the link to my homesteading blog to your reader.

Try RSS. You're gonna love it! It's a great way to keep up with friends' blogs and great websites like this one!

The Benefits to Fermented Foods

The benefits to fermented foods include improved health and a stronger immune system. It's a tasty was to fight off illness.

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Gluten Free Sourdough Bread Recipe for a Satisfying Treat

Try this gluten free sourdough bread recipe. You'll find it's tangy and satisfying without the guilt or bloat.

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Recipe for Sauerkraut-the Easiest, Healthiest Food You Can Make

This recipe for sauerkraut is ridiculously easy and the healthiest thing you can eat.

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Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Bread Recipes

Ezekiel sprouted grain bread recipes are a fabulous, low-glycemic alternative for people watching their blood sugar.

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Foraging Wild Plants for Food, Spices and a Delicious Tea

Foraging wild plants for food, spices and even tea is a great way to obtain good quality food for free.

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Food Storage Tip or Six to Help Your Stored Foods Last Longer

A food storage tip or two will protect your most valuable investments - your storable food.

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EMP Device

EMP device could radically change your life in moments. Here are ways to prepare should one go off over your area.

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Emergency Preparedness Response

Emergency preparedness response includes having an emergency supply kit on hand, a must for every family.

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Emergency Medical Preparedness

Some emergency medical preparedness tips will provide you peace of mind, even if you never have to use them.

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Elderberry Jam Recipe

An elderberry jam recipe is just the ticket if you have elderberries growing on your land.

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