What Is Essential Oil?

What is essential oil? Essential oil is a concentrated extract from a plant. Plants are either distilled or cold pressed until they break down to their essence, hence, the term essential oil.

People have been relying on essential oils for centuries to improve mood, fight infection, and ease pain. Studies have shown that essential oils work better at killing Lyme bacteria than antibiotics.

What Is Essential Oil and How Does it Work?

Your cells are smart little buggers. When they're working properly, they recognize what they need and keep out harmful elements. Essential oils reach your cells and provide them with the help they need in three important ways.

1. By Inhaling the Oils

When you breathe in essential oils, it travels throughout your respiratory system. Depending on the oil you use, you can ease the symptoms of allergies and even fight infections.

2. By Absorbing the Oils Through Your Skin

Like homeopathy, essential oils are a form of nanomedicine. The molecules in essential oils are small enough to penetrate through your skin. From there they enter your bloodstream and are circulated throughout your body, reaching the cells that need those molecules the most.

Essential oil is a friend to your cells. They provide antioxidants to prevent cell damage. Those antioxidants also help eliminate waste from your cells.

3. By Smelling the Oils

Smelling an essential oil helps improve your mood. The molecules from the oils travel through the air and reach the cells in your nose. Smelling essential oils trigger the emotions in your brain and improve your mood, making you feel calmer.

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What Is Essential Oil and How Can It Help You?

Essential oils can help you in many ways, from easing pain to quelling feelings of panic. Here are some different oils and ways they can help you.

Rose Otto

If you’re under intense stress, reach for the Rose Otto. It’s also useful if you’re grieving. It can help those who suffer from PTSD and insomnia associated with anxiety.


A study done in 2019 showed that Frankincense essential oil is an effective treatment for melanoma. Frankincense has also been known to shrink tumors.

That fact alone makes it a worthy addition to your medicine cabinet, but it can also strengthen your immune system and help you sleep better.

Sweet Orange

Sweet orange essential oil is another oil that can calm those stressful feelings. If you’re suffering from heart palpitations, this oil can calm your heart rate. Like other citrus oils, this essential oil has antimicrobial uses. Use it to treat acne. It also makes a great household cleaner that makes your room smell great.


The compounds thymol, carvacrol, and rosmarinic acid are powerful antioxidants that stop the growth of harmful bacteria and build up your immune system. It’s also a natural antibiotic.

Get vegan gel capsules. Then, the next time you start coming down with an illness, fill a gel capsule with oregano essential oil. It has a strong, bitter taste, but it works amazingly well to ward off illness.


Patchouli is another essential oil that lifts your mood. Use it to ease feelings of depression. You can also dilute it in extra virgin coconut oil and use it to treat acne.

It’s useful for easing nausea while controlling your appetite. Patchouli can also be used to keep insects away.

What Is Essential Oil?

Essential oil is a wise investment and a great addition to your medicine cabinet. Read more about aromatherapy. Also, learn more about natural healing.

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