Megadose Vitamin Therapy

Megadose vitamin therapy sounds more complicated that it really is - namely taking a whole lot more of a vitamin than you normally would for phenomenal results.

I first learned about this amazing form of healing while knocked out recently with a really vicious virus. I had spent most of the night hugging the "porcelain throne" and by the next morning, I was so weak I could barely move.

Having nothing better to do, I lay in bed with my Kindle propped up beside me on a pillow and downloaded the book, Doctor Yourself: Natural Healing That Works by Andrew Saul.

Saul is a biologist, has taught clinical nutrition and frequently likes to call himself a quack.

He has also helped thousands of patients with "hopeless" cases get better naturally with virtually no side effects using vitamins, sprouts, juicing and no doctors, drugs or surgery. I really like this guy. 

In his book, Saul has tips for healing naturally from all sorts of ailments, from angina to psychosis and just about anything else in between, many of them using megadose vitamin therapy.

But what I found especially helpful was his advice on how to get over any flu or virus naturally, without that expensive trip to the doctor's office.  
On that day when I was too sick to move, I followed his advice, and by the end of the day I was feeling well enough to take a shower.

The following day, it was as if I had never been sick. Normally, it would take me days to recover from a virus that bad. 

Here are some tips Saul recommends to recover speedily from many illnesses.

Megadose Vitamin Therapy Step One
Vitamin C and Niacin to Saturation Point

Niacin and Vitamin C are definitely two vitamins every self sufficient healer should have on hand at all times, and in abundance.

Whenever you're sick, take a dose of each of these on an hourly basis until you feel better. You can easily take 1,000 mg of Vitamin C hourly until you get well, and 50 mg of Niacin hourly until you reach saturation point, meaning as much as your body can tolerate. 

For Niacin, that's an amount slightly under what would cause you to have a Niacin flush - turning beet red and getting really warm. For Vitamin C, it's enough to have loose stools. 

By the way, since reading Saul's book, I have sometimes taken up to 12,000 mg of Vitamin C in one day and have never had loose stools - and no adverse reactions either.I just felt a whole lot better.

With Niacin, if I take even a small amount on an empty stomach I'll get a Niacin flush - it's harmless and goes away within half an hour, but it can be annoying and tends to alarm others, so I recommend you take Niacin with food, if you can.

Megadose Vitamin Therapy Step Two
Drink Lots of Water

This is something we all should be doing every day, but it's especially crucial when you're sick. Many of us are chronically dehydrated without even realizing it. Make sure your body is getting an abundance of water - enough to make you want to urinate frequently - to get better faster. 

Sometimes the "old-fashioned" methods really are the best.

Step Three:

Crucial Carotene

Carotene is available in abundance in carrots and other orange and green vegetables. The best way to get an abundance of carotene in your system is through juicing. Keep drinking fresh carrot juice until you turn a partial pumpkin color - again, perfectly harmless and very good for you. 

That's it, megadose vitamin therapy at its simplest and most effective. So the next time you're knocked out with the flu, before picking up the phone to call your doctor, consider reaching for your vitamins instead. You'll be amazed at the results.

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