Homeopathy Alternative Medicine Health

Homeopathy alternative medicine health stimulates your own immune system to heal itself. While conventional medicine looks at symptoms as bad – and tries to suppress them – this more natural approach sees your body's various reactions to disease as a positive force to expel an illness.

Coughing clears phlegm from your lungs. Conventional medicine suppresses that cough, but homeopathic medicine helps you produce a deeper, more productive cough for faster and complete healing.

How It Began

Homeopathy alternative medicine health was developed in the late 1700s by Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician who was frustrated with the then "orthodox" practice of bloodletting, giving mercury and arsenic and other popular practices that he thought did more harm than good.

He had left medicine and supported his family by translating medical texts. One day he read a claim that it was the bitter and astringent qualities of Peruvian bark – which contains quinine – that cured malaria.

Hahnemann didn't believe this and set out to prove the theory wrong. He made an even more bitter and astringent mixture that did nothing to cure malaria. Then he decided to test the physiological effects of the bark on himself by taking small doses.

Eventually, his body reacted to the bark and he developed symptoms very similar to malaria. He began to wonder if the reason Peruvian bark cured malaria was because it caused even stronger malaria symptoms than the disease itself.

Homeopathy Alternative Medicine Health
A Radical Form of Treatment

Hahnemann began to experiment on other natural substances and even poisons, taking them in small, regular doses and recording the effects they had on his body.

By making careful records of these symptoms, he was able to later use this documentation to treat illnesses with the same symptoms.

Encouraged by these findings, Hahnemann reopened his practice, this time using the new medicine he had discovered. But there were problems. The substances he used, particularly the poisons, had sometimes dangerous side effects (a lot like some of the "modern" medicines we use today).

A New Discovery

Then, purely by chance, he discovered that by diluting the substances in water, vigorously shaking the containers that held them and then diluting them and shaking them again, the newly diluted substances caused even stronger symptoms than the original substances. Now, he was onto something big.

The Three Principles of Homeopathy Alternative Medicine Health

This is what he eventually realized and what are the main principles of homeopathy alternative medicine health:

  • Like cures like. In other words, if you have malaria, and a substance – like Peruvian bark – when taken in several doses causes those malaria symptoms, then you should take Peruvian bark, or quinine.

  • The minimal dose. The smaller the amount of the original substance, the more powerfully it works. Instead of taking a teaspoon of Peruvian bark, take a diluted – and shaken – form of it instead.

  • The single remedy. Hahnemann - and those who followed his works – carefully studied the effects of each remedy on the human body. Many of the homeopathic physicians did this by taking the remedies themselves and carefully recording the results.

These findings were later gathered and printed in books that homeopaths now study to learn which remedies suit which symptoms a patient is experiencing. Because each remedy fits a particular group of symptoms, only one remedy is given at a time. That way, the homeopathic physician can painstakingly find the right remedy for you.

So what are the benefits of Homeopathy Alternative Medicine Health?

Homeopathy alternative medicine health is incredibly effective and works fast – sometimes as soon as you put it in your mouth.

It's safe. Because it's diluted – not just once, but thirty times or more, there are no harmful side effects. It either works, or you've chosen the wrong remedy and it doesn't. Babies and pregnant women can take this wonderful medicine without worries.

Instead of squelching your immune system, homeopathic medicine works with it.

It's not addictive. As soon as you get better, you stop taking it. Your body never becomes dependent upon homeopathic medicine the way it could on regular drugs.

It's a holistic treatment. Homeopathy alternative medicine health treats the whole body – your mind, your body and your emotions. Instead of targeting a single symptom – the way conventional medicine would – homeopaths look at the whole picture.

So Why Isn't Everyone Using This
Marvelous Medicine?

Because it's time consuming. A homeopath can't just spend ten minutes with you and find a cure. Instead, a good homeopathic physician will devote at least an hour with you on your first consultation, asking all sorts of questions and noting not just your symptoms, but your personality, likes and dislikes, even hair and skin color. All are crucial factors in finding the right remedy for you.

Want to Learn More About Homeopathy?

A great place to start is Homeopathic Educational Services.  They provide books, discuss new remedies and offer courses on becoming a homeopath.

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