EMP Device

EMP device. You may have never heard of such a thing, but the North Koreans may be working on an EMP bomb, and if it is detonated where you live, it could put your life in jeopardy and radically change the way you live for years.

What is an Electromagnetic Pulse?

An EMP bomb is designed to detonate above the atmosphere. The explosion releases a huge amount of energy, including a large amount of gamma rays.

These rays wouldn't hurt people, but they would fry everything electronic, including automobiles, computers and the electric power grid.

Virtually everything that runs on a computer would stop working instantly, meaning we would be transported back into early 1800's, possibly remaining there for years. And that's just for people who have self sufficient skills such as gardening, canning, cooking with a wood stove and the like. For those who have lived in the city all their lives and have no basic skills, it would be like being thrust back into the dark ages.

Just think about it: computers run virtually everything today, from the water being pumped into your home to the trucks that carry food and medicine to your favorite stores on a daily basis. Without the trucks, most supermarkets would run out of food within a few days, and without clean drinking water, people would quickly be facing a desperate situation.

Being Prepared Should an EMP Device Go Off

So while the threat of an EMP is a serious one, it is also something everyone can prepare for: by stocking up on food and water; and by taking the time now to learn some basic skills, including gardening, and cooking without electricity, as well as investing in a deep well hand pump or collecting rainwater for drinking; and by coming up with an emergency plan for you and your family.

Getting Started

Start by storing water.  Look in your area for a plastic container supply company and then purchase two or three plastic, 55-gallon drums that have never been used for anything else. Fill them with water, and then every six months, change out the water.

Grains, such as whole wheat are good to have on hand, but also start buying surpluses of the foods you like. Get plenty of extra canned and dry goods that have a long shelf life and then buy groceries as you would normally, replacing the stock you have on hand with the new items you have purchased.

Learn Basic Skills

Learn how to cook out of doors with a camping dutch oven; it's not nearly as hard as you may think.  It's quite fun really, and you'll be able to cook and bake without heating up the house this summer. Also consider investing in some chickens so that you'll have a source of eggs and meat.

Invest in a hand crank lantern (you can find one here) as well as a hand crank radio (find one here), stock up on medicine and get a first aid kit. Finally, invest in a solar powered generator. Preparing now will provide peace of mind and survival should the worst occur.

Looking for more information?  See this related article on storing food for an emergency.

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