Deep Well Hand Pump

Deep well hand pump can be a great solution if you have a drilled well on your property but want an extra way to draw water, should the power go off, if a disaster strikes, or if you want to go off the grid completely.

How Does it Work?

Just like any pump, a hand pump creates a vacuum that forces water from underground through a pipe or hose into another area, such as a holding tank for your home or a storage barrel.

It works by creating suction that removes the air from the central chamber of the pump. A pump is a bit like using a really long straw, but with a much more powerful suction force.

How it Works

The pump is activated by a lever that moves up and down.  Air is forced out through a one-way valve, creating a vacuum in the chamber. Water then comes up into the chamber and through an outlet into a hose or pipe. By continually moving the lever up and down, you get a steady flow of water.

How Much Work is Involved

The first time you use your pump, it will take approximately one stroke for every foot of water depth it takes to bring the water to the surface. For example, if your water is 150 feet down, you will need to pump 150 strokes the first time you get water.

By the Way

Your water usually isn't nearly as deep as the depth of your well. The company that drilled your well probably went far deeper than necessary to ensure you get plenty of water, so even if your well was drilled to a depth of 300 feet, you will likely hit water after about 150 feet.

After you have used your pump for the first time, you will need to pump only six to ten strokes each time to draw the water back up to the pump head.

How Do You Install A Deep Well Hand Pump?

Depending on what kind of cover is on your well, you can either install the pump yourself or hire a pump professional to install it for you. If your cover has a pressure pipe that passes through the cover and continues to your house, you definitely won't be able to install your deep well hand pump yourself.

That's because the string of pipe attached to the cover can weigh hundreds of pounds. A professional installer will have special equipment to lift the heavy string.

If you don't have a pressure pipe running through your cover, you likely can install the deep well hand pump yourself if you can handle simple plumbing skills.

A Word of Caution

Don't install your pump unless you know what you are doing. Also, because you will need to disconnect the pump wiring under the cover and reconnect it through a new cover, be sure and cut off the power at the breaker box.

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