How to Germinate Seeds

Learn how to germinate seeds, and your seedlings will sprout in record speed, your seedlings will be stronger and establish at a faster rate, and your plants will be more likely to survive for a far more successful gardening season. 

Also known as chitting seeds, this is self-reliant gardening at its best.

By chitting your seeds, you end up with less waste. That means more seeds you can save until the following year, cutting back on costs.

Chitting Seeds

First, you will first need to soak your seeds overnight in water that is room-temperature. The following morning, take two layers of dampened paper towels and spread them out on a flat surface. Note: your paper towels should be damp, but not sopping wet.

Place your pre-soaked seeds on the paper towels about one inch apart. Then carefully roll up your towel in the shape of a tube. Put a rubber band around the towels to keep them together and then label the paper towel.

Label Well

Place the roll in a plastic bag and label it as well. Loosely close the bag. One of the important things of learning how to germinate seeds is the necessity of oxygen. Don't seal up your bag all the way, because you will need some air. Also, you don't want your seeds to get moldy.

Then place your bag in a warm area. If you germinate seeds using this method, they will sprout in 2-4 days as opposed to the 7-9 days they would typically take in your garden soil. Check your seeds daily, and when the seeds have split open and the roots start to show, your seeds are ready to plant.

Planting Your Seeds

Make a trench in your prepared garden bed by taking a dowel and pressing the soil in to make a curved groove in your soil.

Gently place your germinated seeds, spacing them as recommended on the seed packet.

How to Germinate Seeds
That are Tiny

How to germinate seeds that are tiny? These seeds will still be hard to see and to plant - even after they have sprouted, so use this method once seeds, such as carrot and lettuce seeds, have sprouted.

Pour one cup of cold water into a saucepan and add one tablespoon of corn starch. Stir well to dissolve any lumps and gradually bring it to a boil until it reaches the thick syrup stage. Let the mixture cool until you can comfortably touch it with your finger. Then gently stir in your germinated seeds.

Pour your mixture into a plastic bag and close the top. Take your bag along with scissors to your prepared bed.

Press a trench into your prepared soil and then using the scissors, snip off a corner of the plastic bag. Squeezing gently, pour your cornstarch/seed mixture into the trench and cover with loosened soil.

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