How to Survive a Depression - Five Tips on How to Survive Any Economic Catastrophe

How to survive a depression? We're either in the midst of the worst depression ever, or just a recession, depending on one's perspective, but all can agree that it's always best to be prepared for whatever crisis may come. So here are five surefire ways to  survive any economic catastrophe.

How to Survive a Depression 
Tip Number One: Cook From Scratch

Healthy cheap recipes you make from scratch are not only the healthiest way to go, but also the best for your budget. It really doesn't take that much longer to bake a cake from scratch as opposed to making it from a mix - except that you cut out most of the chemicals and the extra cost.

Stop buying instant mashed potatoes and buy a 10-lb. bag of potatoes instead. Also stop purchasing those jars of spaghetti sauce. Instead, buy a can of crushed tomatoes.

Empty the contents into a sauce pan and bring it to a simmer. Add half a teaspoon of basil and half a teaspoon of oregano.

You'll have far better spaghetti sauce than anything you can find in a jar.  Better still, use tomatoes from the garden you have canned yourself.

How to Survive a Depression 
Tip Number Two: Grow a Garden

Not only will you save money by growing your own food, but you'll also add tons of nutrition to your diet.

Build a simple cold frame and grow lettuce all year round. Grow tomatoes and can them for that fresh taste all winter.

Buy your seeds in bulk and save a ton of money. Store those seeds properly, and you'll have enough seeds to last you up to five years.

How to Survive a Depression 
Tip Number three: Keep Chickens

Chickens are fairly easy to raise and don't require much space. You can definitely keep them out in the country, but you can also raise them in many urban settings as well.

Just check your area to make certain it's legal. If it's not, get an ordinance passed to allow you to keep chickens.

By keeping your own chickens, you'll have fresh eggs throughout most of the year for the cost of chicken feed. You can also raise chickens for eating, for the freshest and healthiest meat out there.

How to Survive an Economic Depression 
Tip Number Four: Keep Bees

As far as I'm concerned, bees are even more important than chickens.

Many urban gardens aren't doing well today, because of the decline of wild bees.

Thanks to the increased use of pesticides, the wild bee population has been almost decimated.

Bees are crucial, if we hope to continue producing sufficient food to feed the population. If you have ever had a garden and it didn't produce well despite your best efforts, you likely have a lack of bees pollinating your plants.

In addition to making your garden fabulously productive, bees also produce the best, healthiest honey that you can enjoy and sell. One teaspoon of raw, locally produced honey per day is an excellent way to ward off allergies.

Tip Number Five: Keep Goats

Invest in a small flock of goats, and you have a ready source of milk and meat you can either enjoy yourself or sell or trade. 

Goats are fairly easy to care for, make fun pets and can provide you with up to a gallon of milk a day or more.

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