Goat Milk Ice Cream Recipe

A goat milk ice cream recipe is a good way to make use of any extra goat milk you may have. Better yet, if you have lactose intolerance issues, goat milk ice cream is a great way to have your ice cream and eat it too.

Try this goat milk ice cream recipe.

Goat Milk vs Cow Milk

While both goat milk and cow milk taste about the same, fresh goat milk can be a bit sweeter than cow’s milk. Goat milk is also whiter than cow’s milk because goats do a better job of converting the carotene they consume into vitamin A.

The big difference between goat milk and cow milk is in the size of fat globules. Fat globules in goat milk are much smaller than the fat globules found in cow milk. That’s why the cream doesn’t rise to the top in goat’s milk the way it does with cow’s milk.

Also, goat’s milk doesn’t have agglutinin. This chemical enables fat globules to join together and rise. Goat’s milk is naturally homogenized. The fat molecules in goat milk are smaller and much easier for humans to digest than in cow's milk. The fat, or cream, doesn't separate from the milk as it will in raw cow's milk.

Normally, that's a great thing. That natural homogenization is one of the reasons goat's milk lasts longer than cow's milk. But it can be problematic when making goat milk ice cream. It's the cream that makes ice cream creamy.

This goat milk ice cream is a healthy treat.

This is the richest, creamiest, best-tasting ice cream I have ever eaten.

Goat Milk and Fat

Because of the difference of milk fat when it comes to goat milk vs cow milk you will need a substitute thickener to compensate for lower amount of cream in goat milk ice cream.

That's why this recipe calls for egg yolks. The lecithin in egg yolks works as an emulsifier or stabilizer. It helps distribute the fat in the cream evenly throughout the milk and keeps it from separating.

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Ice Cream and Ice Milk

If you are lactose intolerant, you can make your ice cream with nothing but goat milk, but the consistency will be more like ice milk. Plan on eating it all right away; if you stick this in the freezer it will end up hard as a rock.

If you want a softer, creamier version of ice cream, you will have to add cream to your goat milk ice cream recipe.

Goat Milk Ice Cream Recipe

You will need the following ingredients:

  • 3 cups goat milk (or 4 cups goat milk if you are not using cream)
  • 1 cup cream (if you are using cream)
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 3/4 cup sugar (1/4 cup at first and then 1/2 cup later)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla

If you want to make chocolate ice cream, you will also need 3/4 cup of chocolate chips.

Making the Cream

How to make goat milk ice cream.

Put the goat milk, heavy cream if you are using it and 1/4 cup sugar into a heavy pan. If you are planning on making chocolate ice cream, also add the chocolate chips.

Bring the mixture to a simmer, continually stirring so that the chocolate melts and incorporates into the milk and cream. Remove the pan from the heat.

Adding the Eggs

Place the egg yolks in a medium-sized bowl and add the remaining 1/2 cup of sugar. Whisk together until they are thoroughly mixed.

Then add one cup of the hot milk mixture and mix well. You want to do this so that the egg mixture heats gradually. If you add your eggs directly to the hot milk mixture in the pan, you'll get scrambled eggs.

Whisk in another cup of the hot milk mixture. Then add the egg mixture in your pot with the remaining hot milk mixture. Stir well.

Heating the cream in the goat milk ice cream recipe.

Turn the heat back on to medium and cook the mixture, stirring continually until it begins to thicken. Add your vanilla and chill your mixture for several hours until it is good and cold.

Making Ice Cream

After it has chilled for several hours, place the mixture in your ice cream maker and make ice cream according to the ice cream maker's instructions.


Give this delicious, creamy ice cream to your children, and they'll hound you until you promise to make more!

:-) This goat milk ice cream recipe makes one quart.

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