Back to Basics Living
With the Wannabe Farm Girl

Back to basics living sometimes means having experiences you might once have never dreamed possible, such as your first calving experience. Mare - who likes to call herself Wannabe Farm Girl shares her story of first-time calving the (sorta!) easy way.

Back to Basics Living
Early Morning Surprises

Wannabe Farm Girl is doing ok!

Well Saturday morning, Early 2:17 a.m., Sadie our Golden retriever woke me up to go outside. I just put my head on the pillow when I heard a soft moo. I jumped up, grabbed the flashlight, ran outside to look around and found out that Sara-lu had her calf.

Everything, that I was reading and was told to look for was not happening with Sara-lu. First, her back end was not really as big as it should have been. And she did bag-up somewhat, but again, not as big as she should.

And the last part: She had her calf close to the house instead of out in the back alone. She even ate that evening and wasn't at all acting like she was in labor that day. I was so happy that I was blessed with a cow that did everything on her own. I believe I was more of a wreck then she was. Now I just have to wait for Reba to have hers.

Back to Basics Living
And Better Health

OK, why the story. It's been almost two years now. I have had a feeling to pursue back basics living. I remember growing up with that, and never having to see a doctor much. And I think I can use only one hand to count that.

When I married, I had my kids naturally, and in my 40's I had female problems. But once that was taken care of I haven't seen a doctor since. Not saying that is right to do. But they seem to like to give you medicine for everything or anything. And that I don't like.

Back to Basics Living
And Real Food

I feel that the problems I'm have now is because of the box stuff and fake stuff that is not the real stuff from the ground. My hubby and I are growing a garden and now that my cows have had their first offspring, we are going to try to grow our own beef.

We have chickens and we eat the eggs. I've been reading up on how to dress out our own chickens, but not there yet. It sounds easy, but frame of mind is still not there. But, I know soon it will happen.

I'm in my 50's now. And why I would want to do all this hard work has me even puzzled. But, when I'm out in the dirt and out in the field, I feel my best there. I guess there is a heaven on earth after all. So that's my story on The Funny Farm.

Mare (Wannabe Farm Girl)

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