Raw Milk Benefits
Why Bessie Needs to Get Out
of the Factory And Back Home

Raw milk benefits are so huge that we did the world, and our health, a major disadvantage when we took Bessie out of the family farm and into the factory. Here are three crucial reasons why you should be drinking raw milk and why the family cow needs to come home.

Why You Should Avoid Pasteurized Milk
1.  To Absorb Vitamins More Easily

There are many today who would try to convince you that pasteurized milk is the only way to go and that consuming raw milk is the same as drinking poison.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Why? Because pasteurization destroys part of the vitamin C contained in raw milk.

That in turn encourages the growth of harmful bacteria, turns the lactose sugar in milk into beta-lactose (it dissolves rapidly in your system and makes you hungrier faster), and actually makes the calcium found naturally in milk insoluble.

Despite what the commercials say, drinking pasteurized milk isn't the way for your children to get their daily dose of calcium and other nutrients crucial for bone and brain formation.

History of Pasteurization

Pasteurization came about in the first place because of a fear of tuberculosis in the late 1800s. Back then it was believed the deadly disease came from drinking milk. Louis Pasteur discovered that by heating milk up to 145 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit for at least half an hour would destroy the germs in milk. But it also destroyed the raw milk benefits, including beneficial germs and many of the nutrients in raw milk.

It also didn't eliminate the risk of tuberculosis, but instead increased it. One study even showed that children were more likely to contract tuberculosis when drinking pasteurized milk rather than raw milk.

Raw Milk Benefits
2.  Protects You From Illness

Give children clean raw milk, and their chances of contracting tuberculosis virtually disappear. And raw milk that is sour is also just as good as fresh milk; it's easily digested and works as a laxative, definite reasons we should avoid pasteurized, hormone-laced milk and a compelling case for the family cow.

Raw Milk Benefits
3.  No Bovine Growth Hormone

Recently it was discovered that female infants in China were growing breasts. And according to John Robbins, author of the books, Food Revolution, The: How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life and Our World and Diet for a New America, doctors in Puerto Rico back in the 1980s discovered that little girls as young as three years of age had developed breasts, had pubic hair and vaginal bleeding. The culprit? Misuse of hormones in the milk they drank.

This book by John Robbins is a must read.

When Bessie leaves the home and goes to the factory, scary things happen, including corruption and greed. Ever since Monsanto pushed bovine growth hormones on the American public in the early nineties, you and your children have been consuming these hormones every time you buy much of the milk and other dairy products available in grocery stores.

Raw milk must, by its nature, be locally produced. And by knowing the farmers who keep dairy cows, you will have control over the milk you drink, eliminating harmful growth hormones from your diet.

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