Why is Nutrition Important?

Why is nutrition important? And why should we avoid junk foods? Apart from the fact that it's obviously not good for you, is there any harm in overindulging in processed and sugary foods?

Actually yes. According to a recent study, overindulging in junk food can lead to a food addiction in the same way that overindulging in drugs or alcohol can lead to a substance abuse addictions.

Why is Nutrition Important?
Rat Study Shows How

During the study, a group of rats were divided into three groups.

The first group was given only healthy foods; the second group was given healthy foods but were also given high-calorie foods once a day; and the third group was given free access to high-calorie food throughout the day.

The rats who were allowed in indulge in junk foods like Ding Dongs, cheesecake and bacon throughout the day rapidly become compulsive eaters. And they also became obese.

Even more frightening was the rat's  behavior toward perceived danger. Before being put on their diet, the rats had been trained to expect a minor shock when exposed to light. After being allowed to graze constantly on fatty foods, the rats were so addicted to the high-calorie junk that they were willing to put up with a shock rather than give up their junk food habit.

It all has to do with dopamine, a brain chemical that provides you with a feeling of reward. Abuse drugs like opiates too often, and your blood gets flooded with dopamine so that it quits making dopamine naturally. Eventually you find yourself abusing the drug more and more to get the same high.

As it turns out, the same is true with high-calorie foods. Eat too many sweets and high-calorie snack foods, and you'll find yourself craving more and more, just to get the same "high".

So why is nutrition important?  Ask yourself the next time you are trying to decide what to eat: Are you really willing to sacrifice your health just for that junk food high?

What risks would you be willing to take to get your donut fix?  Wouldn't be better to learn to eat healthy now, before a crisis strikes?

Why is Nutrition Important?
To Protect Your Health

Why is nutrition important?  Well, think about your car.  Give an automobile anything other than gasoline to run on and the car isn’t going to run for very long.  Considering the amount of non-fuel we put in our bodies on a daily basis, it’s amazing we still manage to run year after year.  But over time, your immune system will break down if you fail to give your body the nutrients it needs. 

That’s why a balanced diet that includes a lot of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and that is as free of GMO’s as possible is crucial for good health and to build your immune system. 

Make sure you get healthy bacteria that will fight off illness by drinking kefir and eating fermented foods such as kimchi on a regular basis.  Also learn about vitamins.  Vitamin C and zinc are two great supplements that will help ward off infections.

Eat sprouts on a regular basis to give your bodies the best nutrition possible.  Also start a small garden to grow your own organic vegetables.  Grow your own lettuce indoors or in a cold frame during winter to ensure you get fresh greens even in winter.

That way you can protect yourself and your loved ones in any situation, whether it’s a pandemic or other disaster.

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