Recession Proof Jobs

Recession proof jobs are a must have in this uncertain economy.  There are skills that are always needed even during the most difficult of times.  Here are five profitable and secure ways to earn income during a depression you may not have thought about.

Recession Proof Jobs - 1.  Plumbing

During the last great depression, my grandfather was a plumber and was never out of work.  When times are tough financially, people won't visit a financial consultant or buy life insurance, but they will call a plumber if their pipes are leaking.  Guaranteed. 

So how do you learn plumbing?  You do have to have a high school diploma or equivalent and generally be 18 years of age.

Good math skills are a must, plus you have to be strong, agile and work well with others. 

Join your local plumbers union and become an apprentice.  The good news is that apprenticeships are paid positions.   You can also learn plumbing at local trade or vocational schools or even from small plumbing companies. 

2  Auto Mechanics

Being an auto mechanics is another one of those recession proof jobs that likely won't be going out of business any time soon.  In the United States at least, there aren't many cities with a great city transit system.  It's not a luxury thing.  We need our cars.

Again, you can learn auto mechanic basics at your local vo-tech.  You can also learn a lot from a trip to the local library.  Your public library can obtain manuals on every model of car made.  If you can read and you know the basics, you learn how to fix just about any car out there.

Plus, many mechanics open their own repair shops, especially of your have some land and a stand-alone garage.

3.  Carpentry

Somewhere along the way, vo-tech schools and apprenticeships got a bum rap.  Why is that?  I personally see it as a conspiracy by the collegiate industry.  They wanted to insure their job security by getting as many people enrolled in college and applying for student loans - as they possibly could. 

But unless you're determined to become an English professor, a degree in English won't likely do much to feed the family.  But spend some time learning carpentry skills and you'll almost always find work. 

Even if the building industry comes to a screeching halt, roofs will always start leaking, doors will come off their hinges and windows will get broken.  Carpentry jobs are recession proof jobs because people always need something fixed.  Again, you can learn carpentry from your local vo-tech or by apprenticing with a local carpenter.

4.  Welding

If you're considering a field with excellent pay and job security, don't pursue a degree in finance but instead training in welding.

Welding is crucial for all kinds of construction work and pays well besides.

5.  Don't Forget to Grow Food

If things really get bad, knowing how to raise food both for your own family and others will be a valuable skill.  So don't forget learning how to successfully garden, as well as keep chickens, goats and other animals that will produce food.

That way, no matter what the economy brings, you'll not only be prepared, you'll be way ahead of the game.

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