living the Way

by Susanne

Consolidate high interest rate cards, even if you have to pay a percentage for the transfer at first. You will have more the following month to pay off against that consolidated credit. You have more time in between paying that one bill, for making more money and putting it towards the next month payment.

Put extra blankets on the beds in wintertime, sit and knit or crochet them in the winter while you have that extra time. Teach your children how to as well.

Turn the heat down over night, if you don't have a woodburning stove yet. If you have a woodburning stove, put your simmering bean soups and stews on it for cooking. Heat your tea water the same way.

Plant fruit trees, which all are flowering in the spring, instead of "designer" flowering trees and shrubs. You will have a delicious harvest on top of it. Can it for the winter. Most 4-H Cornell Ext. offices offer "how to can, preserve your harvests" for a minimal cost or free in communities. Or have your own "canning bees" with the neighbors, friends or church members.

Invest in learning old and almost forgotten ways of doing things with hand tools, in the garden and in the home. Same for animal care and keeping.

Don't forsake garage/yard and moving sales, one man's junk is another man's treasure. Church sales have great clothing, some still with the store tags on...

Cut store coupons out of newspapers. If you buy two, it doubles in savings. Only buy what you truly need, and when it is on sale, you stock up and use the coupons. Write your grocery list and places that you need to go to, plan your route according to shortest route all around and back.

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