Different Flower Remedies

Different flower remedies can help you heal your emotions, eventually bringing about a complete healing both in your mind and in your body.  You may have heard about Bachs Rescue Remedy, but did you know there are also remedies targeted specifically to the emotions you are feeling?

Mind you, Bach's Rescue Remedy is a good, all-purpose remedy to help you feel calmer, but the next time you are feeling especially critical, or if you are struggling with feelings of self-loathing, reach for some of these different remedies.

Different Flower Remedies

Agrimony - these people hide troubles behind a smile and tend to be nervous.

Aspen - You're anxious for no reason and fear something awful will happen to a loved one.

Beech - You are critical or intolerant toward others.

Centaury - You have a hard time saying no to others.

Cerato - You are indecisive and don't trust your own judgment.

Cherry Plum - You are afraid of losing control.

Chestnut Bud - You never learn from your mistakes.

Chicory - You find it hard to let go of loved ones.

Clematis - You'd rather live in a dream world than face the present.

Crab Apple - You suffer from self-loathing.

Elm - You feel overwhelmed by everything you have to do.

Gentian - You are feeling discouraged after a setback.

If you're anxious for no reason and fear something might happen to you, then Aspen would be the right remedy for you.  Find it here.

Gorse - You feel hopeless and give up easily.

Heather - You are constantly seeking the companionship of others and are talkative.

Holly - For feelings of being wounded, spiteful, jealous or wanting revenge.

Honeysuckle - You are constantly focusing on the past rather than the present.

Hornbeam - You feel you don't have the strength to do anything, so you put things off.

Impatiens - You are impatient with people or things and want things to happen more quickly.

Larch - You lack confidence and expect to fail.

Mimulus - You are shy and feeling anxious.

Mustard - You suffer from feelings of gloom and despair.

Oak - You are a strong person who tends to overdo it.

Olive - When you have suffered from mental and physical exhaustion.

Pine - When you are suffering from guilt and self-blame.

Red Chestnut - When you feel anxious about the safety of others.

Rock Rose - You feel extreme terror over a matter.

Rock Water - You are very strict in how you live and are hard on yourself.

Scleranthus - You are unable to make up your mind.

Star of Bethlehem - You are suffering from grief or shock.

Sweet Chestnut - For when you are feeling anguish and despair.

If you put things off because you feel you don't have the strength to do anything, Hornbeam is a good remedy for you.  Find it here.

Vervain - When you are enthusiastic to the point of burnout.

Vine - For those who act tyrannical.

Walnut - When you are unsettled by change or others lead you away from your goals.

Water Violet - For those who enjoy being alone, but occasionally feel lonely.

White Chestnut - When you cannot get troublesome thoughts out of your mind.

Wild Oat - You want to do something important in life, but can't make up your mind what to do.

Wild Rose - When you're apathetic about life.

Willow - When you are resentful over what has happened to you and have self-pity.

Many of these different flower remedies are available from Amazon. 

Find them here.

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