Bachs Rescue Remedy An Amazing Way to Ease Stress

Bachs Rescue Remedy is an anxiety homeopathic remedy that will relieve stress and leave you feeling calm with no harmful side effects. This remedy definitely belongs in every self reliant homesteader's medicine cabinet.

What is Rescue Remedy?

Rescue Remedy is made from the essences of five different flowers:

Rock Rose which will help alleviate terror and panic; Impatiens which eases impatience (the name makes it easy to remember) and irritability;

Clematis to help make you more attentive; Star of Bethlehem to help ease shock; and Cherry Plum which helps to calm irrational thoughts.

Does it Really Work?

Rescue Remedy is no placebo. It has an amazing effect not only on adults, but also on children and pets. Plus, there are no harmful side effects to taking it, and it isn't addictive.

What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences aren't like herbal tinctures, which are concentrated extracts of different plant parts. Instead, a flower essence is more like an imprint of a flower.

And while herbal tinctures help with physical ailments (many drugs are actually synthetic versions of herbal tinctures), flower essences help you recognize, resolve or release not only emotions, but also destructive patterns of behavior.

Why Flower Essences?

Flowers were used by the ancients to help elevate mood and ease emotional distress. The Aboriginals still use flower essences for healing. Bachs Rescue Remedy was first created in the early 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, a homeopath who increasingly became convinced that flowers were a natural and powerful form of healing.

He began carefully documenting the effect of flowers on people and animals. Eventually he selected 38 flowers and began infusing them in water before giving them to his patients to help ease different forms of emotional distress. More and more people wanted his flower remedies.

Unfortunately, flowers infused in water only last a week before they develop bacteria and mold, so Dr. Bach began using brandy in his infusions to preserve the flower essences. Thus, this popular form of anxiety homeopathic remedy was born.

How Flower Essences are Made

Flower essences are made by putting different flowers in boiling water or placing flower heads in water and allowing them to stand in direct sunlight. These essences are then mixed with brandy as a preservative.

How to Use Bachs Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy comes in a slender bottler with a dropper. Four drops of Rescue Remedy is generally all you need. You can take them either orally under your tongue or add it to water or juice and sip it.

If you're concerned about the alcohol, you can put the drops in hot water. The alcohol will evaporate in a few minutes and you can then drink it. Or you can rub Rescue Remedy into the pulse points of your skin.

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