Water Filters Review

A water filters review is helpful not only for emergency preparedness but also self-reliant healing. Finding clean water will be paramount to the survival of you and your loved ones should the power ever go off.

With a good filter system, you can capture rain water, filter it and drink it.  With an even better filter, you can even drink pond water, if you have to.  But beyond that, clean water is also essential for self-reliant healing.

I remember the first time when I realized the need for a good water filter system.  We were living in a small town that didn't have a water treatment system.  I would make tea or coffee and you could actually see a greasy ring floating on the surface of the liquid.  Ew.

Our water is becoming more and more polluted.  Even well water may become contaminated over time.  Then consider the fluoride many municipalities are now adding into the water, and the end result is no end of problems in the long run, including lower intelligence and even cancer.  It really is wise to invest in a good water filtration system as you build your preparedness arsenal.  With that in mind, here are some of the better water filter systems available.

Life Straws©

Although investing in gravity water filtration system for long term usage is also important, I had to mention Life Straws as an excellent addition to any emergency preparedness kit.  

If you need an emergency source of clean drinking water, nothing beats this. 

But keep in mind that while this amazing straw will filter out bacteria and harmful protozoan parasites, it won’t filter sewage water, dangerous chemicals or chemicals deliberately put in public water systems such as fluoride. 

The plus side of these straws is they are reasonably affordable and will last at least a year even with daily use.   There is even a family filter that will provide clean drinking water for a family of four for up to three years. 

For more information about these straws, click here.

Water Filters Review:
Berkey Water Filter

No water filters review would be complete without including the Berkey filtration system. 

This is the water filter system that we have, and it does the job great.  We replaced the ceramic filters after one year of use and the water tastes great.

Granted, these water filters aren't cheap, but you save money in the long run, making them well worth it.

Berkey is the Cadillac of gravity water filters that uses ceramic filters that remove bacteria and organisms from your drinking water. Their ceramic filters have a carbon filter bed that is dense and highly absorptive and produces quality drinking water for less than two cents per gallon.  You can learn more about Berkey gravity water filters by clicking here.

Zero Water Pitcher

At the other end of the price scale of my water filters review is the Zero Water Pitcher. This filtration system costs less than $30 while removing 99.9% of microbial cysts as well as reducing lead, mercury and chlorine taste and odor in the water. Plus it's small enough to fit in your refrigerator.

On the downside, the filter can be slow with this gravity filter, and the pitcher has been known to break as it ages. 

If this is all you can afford, then go with this one and save your money to invest in a better filter later.  You can learn more about these filters here.

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