The muddy season yuck!

by Ric@goose poop farm
(Pepin, WI)

Mud at goose poop farm. How in the world did I ever survive that first spring with out a pair of the world's greatest invention. I am talking about MUCK boots. I can not even begin to explain the virtues to having a pair. Rubber boots you can slip on with out shoes.

Of course they were meant to aid the farmer in doing chores during wet muddy weather. Mud around every farm building, the house even the driveway; it's a muddy mess. This can be really miserable, especially if you lose your footing and go down. Lol, then they are of little help to you, and at that point you might as well go bare foot.

These magic boots bring out the inner child in me. With no one around to tell me to stay out of the mud puddles, in I go. I am worse than the geese splashing around. Of course the adult in me thinks of it as just washing the mud off, but I know better; it's fun.

Then I head over to the muddy mess at the llama barn. Where the feeders are, it's pretty bad, I climb the fence. Standing with the llamas, I slowly sink into the mud.

Trying to walk in deep mud is not easy; the mud has a tendency to hold on to your boot. Move too fast and you will find yourself stepping right out of the boot.

Now out of the mud I get to dry pasture. OK, that was fun; now let's get some work done. I head over to check on the hay - not nice little square bales, but 2200 lb. round bales. They are stored in a pole shed next to the llamas.

Last fall after pasture season, I knew I had to get the hay over to the llamas for the winter. It just seemed like so much work to get the tractor started and put on the bail mover just to move it 30 feet. The city kid in me said, just open the gate to the hay and let the llamas self serve. They will eat when they're hungry.

It's worked out great. The silly chickens like it too; they think it's one great big nesting box. You never know where you're going to find another egg. Every day it's a hunt.

Never a dull moment here at Goose Poop Farm


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Another Great One!
by: Sue

Great story, Ric! Thanks for sharing.

Our chickens love the hay bale too. We're always finding little treasures in our bales...or under the house, or recently under our storage shed.

It does make life fun!

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