Spring melt!

The long awaited Spring melt has started here at the farm. The geese, honking their excitement at a level that will make you deaf, have taken over every puddle of standing water. Hmm. I don't think that will be good for the grass under the standing water. Oh well, they are fun to watch making a big muddy mess. I'll worry about the damage next month but already know how the scenario will play out. I prep the area of lawn for grass seed, and the chickens will be on my heals eating the grass seed as quick as I will be able to lay it down.

The driveway is full of ruts. That just happened, I tell myself. OK, add another item to the to do list. Order a load of crushed rock. Laughing to my self, in my old life the city just took care of those things, and I never gave it another moment of thought. Still laughing to myself, I realize the length of the driveway from house to mailbox is equivalent from my old house to the nearest coffee shop, bakery and a dry clean. I now have peace and quiet and an espresso machine in the kitchen. Some things I just can't give up for the simple life.

Time to shut up the chicken coop and coax the geese away from their new-found pools and to bed for the night.


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Great Story!
by: Sue

Great story, Ric! Thanks for sharing.

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