Purchasing Vacant city lots to homestead in

by Pennie lancaster
(United States)

Me and my family purchased two vacant lots from the county a few years ago. We have spent lots of time clearing and fencing in with pallets. We are also putting in raised beds, orchards, berry bushes etc to be able to grow all of our food needs. We were able to purchase these lots which equal about a half acre or more for about $400.00 between the two lots. They are right across the street from my home. Its a slow process but mostly sweat equity and gasoline to haul in pallets. But I'm up for the challenge. I'm disabled with a rare neurological disorder and eating well and organic is imperative, and in the few short years we have grown a lot of veggies and I only have a few boxes in so far, we were able to add two more boxes and lots of recycled tires in at the beginning of fall for this coming summer and it keeps growing. We use as much recycled materials as possible but i have been investing in cinder blocks when they go on sale for my raised beds. Eventually my wish is to have chickens, a few goats and rabbits for weed control as well as honey bees and maybe one day a few pigs on the sly. The biggest lot is a half acre-ish and is prime for all day sun. I may never get to Alaska but i can be happy with what I have living simple, clean eating and staying active which is necessary to staying healthy. I use wood for heat AND cook on my wood stove too so being carbon neutral is great. I am learning to live minimum make my own soap from wood ashes. We reuse recycle and have reduced OUR lives because we don't need bigger better more to make us happy or fulfilled. We used to think THINGS were important until we almost lost everything we had to financial hardships. We took stock of what was important and realized THINGS were just that and all we need is ourselves and our HEALTH. We have made so many changes in our lives from shopping at thrift shops to living without big purchases. We buy our meat from a local farm out side dishes we grew and we don't shop at any big chain stores only local sources. Its challenging but WORTH IT. My little ghetto homestead is the talk of the neighborhood most love it some don't get it but its ours and ours alone. We live this way because we love it. I wish more did.

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Nov 06, 2015

by: Susan W

Hi Pennie,

Thanks so much for sharing your story! You are an inspiration, and you're absolutely right; true homesteading is making the most of what you have, right where you are. You don't need to go to Alaska to homestead.

I hope your urban homestead will continue to thrive!

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