Not by choice

by B

Not sharing a story but more in search of help. Soon to be unemployed and my home garden hobby is about to be the main source of family food.

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Mar 18, 2012
RE: Not by choice
by: Donna - Colorado

You might also consider picking up a couple of rabbits. Usually fairly cheap. The females should be about 1 year before breeding. The buck can breed at about 5 months.

One buck (male) and 2 does (females) will be plenty for a family of 4. The females gestate in roughly 30 days, you can process the litter at roughly 90-120 days. Mine have 6-8 kits each time they birth.

I have California (2) and a Rex/Satin mix for my females. My male is a Rex. All are meat rabbits. Easy to care for. They eat about 8 ounces of rabbit feed each day, but you can feed them the veggie scraps from the garden to supplement just like you would with chickens.

Rabbit meat is super lean and can be used in any recipe where you'd use chicken or pork. It does not taste gamey when homestead raised.

The manure produced (copious amounts) can be directly added to your garden without fear of burning your plants.

The pelts can be tanned and sewn into warm clothing or blankets. Selling these products, or just the tanned pelt can bring in some extra cash at many of the craft fairs, farmer's markets, or even when listed on the free sale venues (such as craigslist).

Good luck! I'm facing another lay-off scare myself and am prepping for it the best I can.

Feb 15, 2012
Gardening Skills are a Plus
by: Sue Merriam

I am sorry you are about to lose your job, but it is a blessing that you have gardening skills. Ask around for canning jars or hit some garage sales between now and this summer, and in the meantime, plan on putting in a larger garden.

Also, if you can afford it, consider investing in a few chicks. If you order a straight run of 25 chicks, you can butcher the males and keep the hens for eggs. A chicken tractor is the best way to keep hens without destroying your lawn.

It's better to look for any sort of work you can right now, rather than trying to start a business. A home business is far more successful if it is built out of passion rather than desperation. Even a part-time job will help keep your spirits up and bring some income in while you search for another full-time job.


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