llama lu, trapped in the hay

by Ric
(goose poop farm)

I have three llamas. Their nickname is Llama Lu

Hmm, Some things I do I think I am so clever, and then weeks go by and I am proven wrong. The last story I wrote, I boasted about how clever I was to open up the hay section of the shed so I wouldn't have to move a round bale for the llamas.

Let me tell the story; the round bales weigh 2,200 pounds and are at least 6 feet high and are stored in the pole barn. They are approx 2 feet away from the sides, except one bale is only 1 foot from the side of the structure.

It's a nice warm sunny day, and I am outside working, checking out the fencing around the llama pasture. For some odd reason, or it's a gut feeling sort of thing, I look towards the pole barn where the hay is stored. To my amazement, I see Dakota, her head above the hay on the back side of the barn (Dakota is one of the Llamsa and she is a little plus size).

Curious, I go to investigate. After trying to figure out how I can climb a 6 ft round bale to get over to her, I head off to the red barn for a step ladder. Now I am on top of the bales and it's fun. I should just leave the ladder here, get a book and come out to the top of the bales and read, forgetting I have other problems.

The llama had just gone down a one way path with no room to turn around on the back side of the hay inside the pole barn. It's noon on a sunny day and I have better things to do, Crisis! A llama stuck behind the hay. Trying to get her to back up is not going to happen. I don't figure that out until I have spent a good 5 hours trying to coax her. She gets bored with my efforts and sits down. I am frustrated, it's getting late, and she is not going anywhere without my help. I suppose Dakota is thinking she has food, no hurry, or "what was he thinking for creating this maze".

My hands thrown in the air, thinking "who do I call or what do I do?" and remembering I am in the middle of nowhere. It's only me and I am my own resource. Yet another hour goes by trying to brainstorm my dilemma.

All of a sudden a light bulb goes off in my head. The building is sided in metal sheets, 12 feet high and 3 feet wide. I get my tools and start taking the siding down. After a couple of panels off, she finally gets free and gallops off into her pasture. This event took six hours, reminding me again why I moved to the farm and got animals.

It's a good thing that I spent years past, laying on the couch watching Oprah. She would have said that it was a divine moment that I was in the field at that time to notice that she was trapped behind the hay.

That was last week. This week we are all one happy family. Today I am hauling llama dung to the garden and dreaming of the best heirloom tomatoes and my first BLT. LIFE IS GOOD HERE AT THE FARM!

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