Home Business Income Opportunity in an
Uncertain Economy

A home business income opportunity in an uncertain economy means developing practical skills that will make you a producer rather than a paper pusher. 

Threats of a depression or even economic collapse seem to be looming on the horizon these days.  Hopefully, it won’t happen, but if it does, learning a few practical skills will help you develop an income from home no matter how bad the economy gets.

The secret is to be a producer of practical goods rather than someone pushing papers in an office. 

When hard times come, and they inevitably do, a carpenter is more likely to find work than an insurance adjuster. 

People don’t always pay for luxury items, but they will most certainly pay for food or to fix a leaky pipe in their home. 

With that in mind, here are eight practical home business income opportunity for you.

1.  Produce Food

Learn to grow healthy, organic food to sell locally, and you have something of value, especially in an economic or societal collapse. 

Will Allen, a former basketball player and author of the book The Good Food Revolution, renovated a two-acre greenhouse and has been growing food in an urban community for years now. 

By using an aquaponics system in a greenhouse, you can grow a large quantity of food in a small area, including fresh fish and fresh vegetables.  People will need the healthy food you grow and will happily pay you for it.

2.  Teaching Others How to Grow
and Preserve Food As A
Home Business Income Opportunity

These days, people are so out of touch with the food they eat, that they have no idea how to grow food, let alone how to preserve it so it will last through the winter.  Teaching others how to grow their own food and preserve it could be an excellent home business income opportunity. 

Whether it’s canning, drying or fermenting food, if you have that skill, you have valuable knowledge others will be eager to learn, and willing to pay you for.

3.  Fix-It Skills

These include carpentry, plumbing, welding and auto mechanics, to name a few.  Should hard times come, people aren’t going to afford new cars; they’ll need to repair and maintain the old one. 

If you know auto mechanics, it’s a good bet, people will need your skills and be willing to pay for them.  The same goes for carpentry, welding and plumbing.  My grandfather was a plumber and actually prospered during the last great depression. 

My husband is a carpenter who has never had to advertise for work; as soon as people hear he’s a carpenter, they call him.  Having such practical skills will serve you well, no matter what the future holds.

4.  Have Hunting Skills?

The old saying goes, “Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day.  Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life.”  Hunting game, especially if you know how to dress and butcher that game, is a great way to fill your freezer with meat. 

It’s also a valuable skills that others will want to learn, especially in a depression or times of crisis.  Consider holding hunting classes to pass on your hunting know-how.

5.  Keep Chickens

Chickens are an easy, low-cost way to produce your own eggs and meat.  Keep chickens in a chicken tractor, and you have an excellent source of nutrition as well as happy, healthy chickens and chicken meat.  A few decades ago, most rural families had “egg money” to help pay for the extras.  You can too.

6.  Produce and Sell Raw Milk

Whether it’s goat milk or good old-fashioned cow’s milk, more and more people are realizing the health benefits of raw cow’s milk and are willing to pay you for it.

7.  Keeping Bees as a
Home Business Income Opportunity

And don’t forget the value of keeping bees as home business income opportunity.  Not only is raw honey one of the best foods out there, but your industrious little bees will also produce beeswax and royal jelly, two valuable commodities people will be willing to pay for.

8.  Keep Sheep for Wool and Meat
and Learn How to Weave

Lamb meat is delicious and extremely healthy.  In addition, the wool your sheep produce will also be valuable, especially if a catastrophe arises.  Whether it’s wool hats, wool gloves or if you weave the wool into a warm fabric, it will be a valuable commodity people will be willing to buy to help keep warm in the winter.

So keep these practical skills in mind and work on develop two or three right now while the living is still relatively easy.  These skills will be wise investment not only for the future, but for better quality of living right now.

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