First Harvest :)

by Daniel
(Spring Grove, IL.)

It is May 13th and we had our first veggies from the garden.

We don't have the Romaine ready yet for salad, but the Spinach is very impressive. So we had to pick some for our salad last night.

I can't believe I have never had fresh Spinach in my life before last year. It tastes nothing like the spinach out of a can. It fresh tasting, great with salad (almost like a different lettuce leaf), it is easy to grow in the garden.

I planted this years' Spinach from seed directly in the garden and right now it is almost 10" diameter with huge leaves. Spinach loves the wet spring weather and it remains pretty hardy during the summer.

Onions from bulbs are doing very well from what I can tell. Onions love the wet weather we have had over the last 2 weeks. Out April wasn't wet; it actually was the something like the 7th warmest on record for Chicagoland.

So we are making up for lost time, We had severe flooding this weekend with highways being closed, basements flooding, and now my rain barrels are full.

Back to the Onions. I bought these from Park Seed on the internet as bulbs. They sent me some 50 smallish bulbs about 4-6" tall that I planted into the garden directly. They are now some 20" tall and falling over. This is first time I have planted onions so I am excited.

Everything else is doing fine if not waterlogged. Squash, Zucinni, bush beans, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, peas and romaine. I hope your garden is going well and you have a great harvest.

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