by Brian Petersen
(Corona CA)

I have 550 acres in North Dakota along the Sheyenne river. It's so Rad there. Hilly with lots of trees. 3 well's and the river unlimited water. The soil is black gold, full of worms and dark rich color. I plan to move here and set up a rad old school homestead. My great grandfather homesteaded here in 1882. So it'll be cool to go back to how he was living. I plan on a huge garden, honey bee's, turkey's, cow's, hunting, fishing, picking wild foods, and loving it.

I have found a few friend's crazy enough to move up there with me from Los Angeles. Set up a community. Build a few more houses and work buildings. Also I want to build another potato shed. It's Dug into the side of a hill.

My father would be proud. He grew up there. I'm going to turn the farm into the most awesome place to live. Get away from all this city BS. Settle down in life and live it up.

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Sep 14, 2014
by: Susan W

Congratulations, Brian! Let us know how it goes, and enjoy that acreage!

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