Boer Goat Farming

Boer goat farming is a great way to earn an income off your land, especially if you have a small acreage.

Boer goats are a meat goat breed, and while most Americans consider beef, poultry and pork to be the standard meats, goat meat is the preferred meat of Asian, Latin American and Middle Eastern cultures.

I personally love goat meat.  It's very similar to beef and far healthier.  It's the leanest red meat out there, with even less fat than chicken. 

Ground goat meat added to recipes such as spaghetti meat tastes almost identical to beef.  I couldn't tell any difference at all.

Boer Goat Farming
Versus The Cattle Ranch

I like poultry, but I crave red meat, and I bet I'm not alone.  For years, red meat was the protein of choice for most Americans.  In a USDA study done in 2000, the average American ate more than 64 pounds of beef per year compared to 52 pounds of chicken.  Consumption of chicken finally matched the consumption of beef in 2007, perhaps due to the growing realization of the importance of lean meat.  Offer a healthy, red meat alternative to chicken, and you've got a market for your goat meat.

Plus, goats are better for your acreage, as they are foragers rather than grazers.  Instead of eating down all your grass, goats hunt for the tastier weeds, improving your land. 

Goats also need far less space than cattle.  If you want a cattle ranch, you will need one acre for every head of cattle as opposed to a mere 250 square feet for every goat.

They're also far easier to work with.  Not only do you run a risk of breaking your foot if a cow steps on you, there is also the risk of being trampled down if your cattle stampede.  Not a problem with goats.  If you have 40 acres, having a small herd of cattle won't be a problem.  But if you only have two or three acres, you're better off raising goats for meat. 

Goats are Fun

I love goats.  They have great personalities and are a delight to watch.  Plus, the more time you spend with a goat, the friendlier he'll become.  Cows will eventually learn to tolerate you, but I doubt I could ever make a pet out of one; not the way I could with a goat.

In addition, boer goat farming is a home business with good growth potential.

Boer Goat Farming
For Profit

More and more people are realizing the value of goat meat as an alternative to beef.  According to Marc MacDonald, author of the course, Boer Goats Profits Guide, demand for goat meat has increased by 320% from 1999, and is expected to steadily increase in the years to come.  Plus, because so little goat meat is being raised not only in the United States, but also in Canada, the U.K. and Australia, the price of goat meat is high.

That means a good return on your investment if you pursue boer goat farming.  There are also an increasing number of Asians and Hispanics coming into the United States, and they prefer goat meat.  That demand will only increase as these population groups increase.

MacDonald has extensively interviewed six successful boer goat farmers, as well as a professor of boer goat husbandry at the University of North Carolina, covering not only standard questions such as care, breeding, and fencing, but also the secrets for success.  He has compiled that research into a course that provides a lot of valuable information, such as how to improve the quality of your herd, where to purchase boer goats, how to increase the chances of your boer does having twins, and the business issues involved in this business.  You can learn more about his course here.

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