best reasons fo rabbits

by missy

-Reasons why Meat rabbits are a homsteaders friend-
10. Learning to tan their luxurious furs can bring in income, be used to make clothes, or homemade gifts and make one more self sufficient
9. Most zoning laws consider rabbits a non-farm pet like any dog or cat so they can be bred and raised almost anywhere- even in cities!
8. They take up little space- perfect for urban homes- They don't mind cages, in fact they prefer the safety of contained areas (burrows) like their wild cousins- just don't forget to give them exercise and plenty of "freedom time"
7. They're educational. Helping a child raise a warren of meat rabbits teaches responsibility, self sufficiency, pride and providing among other things. My children feel so proud when we eat a rabbit they raised and provided for our family or bring home a county fair ribbon for one of their roasters!
8. They are adorable. The parent rabbits or breeding pairs make excellent cuddly pets. The fluffy offspring are a joy to just watch or snuggle with...up until they are big enough to eat that is.
7. Their poop is a better fertilizer than just about any other animal and they make plenty! It doesn't burn plants either. Its been called "black gold" for gardeners.
6.They are healthy! High protein and low fat. Even healthier than chicken meat!
5. VERY Easy and clean to dress. In the time it takes someone to just to pluck a chicken a rabbit can be killed, gutted, skinned dressed and in a frying pan. No messy feathers.
4.They are prolific! A female has a litter of up to 12 baby bunnies (kits) only a mere month after being bred! Meat breeds gestate quickly and produce large litters. They breed like rabbits, duh! A few does can potentially produce all the meat your family needs!
3. The meat is delicious! The chicken in any recipe calling for it can be substituted with rabbit. Were you turned off by gamy wild rabbit? It doesnt' even closely compare with domestic raised! YUM!
2. Inexpensive! They rarely get sick or get parasites, they are a low cost to start up, and they can be fed a large portion of their diet by placing them on the LAWN!
1. THEY ARE EASY. Low maintenance leaves time to do other things to make your homestead more self-sufficient.

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Nov 06, 2015
Great Story!
by: Susan W

Thanks for sharing your top ten reasons to keep rabbits. What helpful information!

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