Best Home Business Ideas

Best home business for an aspiring homesteader is one you start at your urban homestead that you can take with you when you move to the country. Having a business online is an excellent way to do that.

Best Home Business:
Opening an Online Store

To start an online business, you will need to first build a website with enough content to draw people to your site. While a brick and mortar store may be all about location, an online business is all about information.

Are you thinking about opening a pet supplies store online? Then write a website with loads of helpful tips on how to care for and groom your pets. Providing helpful information will make searchers happy they found you and more willing to buy from you.


What to Sell

Typically the best business to have online is one that relates to either your hobby or your passion. Do you love spelunking? Consider having a website that describes caving along with offering books, clothing and gear for sale. Combining a passion with profit is the best home business.

The More Unusual the Better

The secret to having a successful best home business is to offer something that isn't available at your local Wal Mart. If I want to buy dog food, I go to the nearest grocery store that sells dog food. However, if I am looking for gourmet puppy candy that's healthy for Fido's teeth as well, then I will usually look online and am more likely to buy from your store.

Better still, offer doggie treats that also help Rover repel fleas and ticks while still appealing to his epicurean tastes, and you'll have a real winner on your hands as well as a repeat customer.

How to Find Customers

Of course, you won't have much of a successful home business if no one knows you exist. One way to find customers for your best home business is to either sell your items through eBay or Amazon. But be aware that a percentage of your profit will go to either eBay or Amazon in the form of listing fees, meaning you will make less of a profit in the long run.

A better way to go is to build your own website. Make sure you have plenty of content related to your area. For example, if you plan on selling Scottish sweeties, then a good website for you would be all about Scotland and Scottish culture. You could have pages on how Scottish candy is made, Scottish folklore and the history of Gaelic food.

Making a Profit

Whatever you decide to sell for your home business, you will need to offer your merchandise at a competitive price while still making enough profit to make it worth your time. Generally a good rule of thumb is to price your merchandise with a 20% markup over what it cost you, both in price and shipping expenses.

For example, let's say you buy 200 pounds of doggie treats at a discounted price of $2 a pound including freight costs. You can then break down those treats in smaller bags and sell them in one-pound bags for $2.40 each ($2 times 1.20%).

Getting Traffic

Of course, you won't be able to sell any of those doggie treats, no matter how great a price, unless people know you are there. To get traffic coming to your store, you will need to write plenty of content, send notices to everyone you know and exchange links with other similar sites. Learn how to get traffic coming to your site by clicking here.

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