An Old Farm, the Blue Beast and a Dream

by Randi Anderson
(Ely, NV)

The Blue Beast

The Blue Beast

I have a dream that has planted itself in the front of my brain. In this dream, I see myself working a small farm with chickens, turkeys, and maybe some goats. There is a small self-sustaining garden. This dream has been enhanced by the purchase of an old beat-up 1970 Ford F250, soulfully named the "Blue Beast."

In a year I will be the product of an empty nest. Thirty years of raising 4 children will quietly come to an end as the last nester flies off.

My life will begin a new chapter, one that I have waited for, for a long time.

So, when the time comes, the Blue Beast and I will drive off into the sunset in search of a run-down old farm in need of a new owner with a dream.

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Sep 20, 2013
Start with the Beast
by: Mike Hartley

Texas accepts all self sufficient thinking people. We've gotten a few of the others, so....we would gladly accept you. Good luck wherever you go. In this political climate, we should all think of a good garden with some chickens and goats.

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