What's Your Poison Ivy Treatment?

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Sep 06, 2016
We Get Poison Oak - UGH!
by: Carol

Thanks for the link to this article. Here in the PNW, we get Poison Oak. Just an FYI: mangoes are related to poison oak, and touching the skin of the fruit or the tree will get the same results as touching poison oak leaves or branches. UGH!!!
I was exposed to someone burning P.O. this summer, and found an amazing herbal remedy that I believe, for me anyway, was miraculous! It was the smoke through an open car window, so mostly my face was affected. I made a thick paste from: bentonite clay, activated charcoal, turmeric powder, a few drops of tea tree essential oil, frankincense essential oil, and ACV with the mother (raw, organic), Put this on the affected area, and let it dry completely, about 30 minutes. Rinse. I did this three times, and by the third time, I could not even tell that my face had already turned quite red and would blister before too long. AND this was several hours after the initial exposure, as I had to finish working that day. I have photos, but they probably won’t transfer here. (The funny thing is this turns a beautiful shade of green, even though turmeric is totally orange!) I would use this again if I ever come in contact, which I hope is NEVER!!! I have to say that this is one allergic reaction that there is no one remedy that fits all. I have tried many remedies that one will say worked for them, but does nothing for me, and I’m quite sure the reverse is true. Just keep trying all remedies that someone mentions, and I’m sure you will come up with one or two that do work for you. And natural, organic is always the best choice!

Also, just an FYI: I get my allergic reaction from my maternal grandfather and grandmother, my mother and now on to me (both my daughters have, thankfully, not gotten that particular genetic issue!) My mom tried a few decades ago when in her 30's or 40's to get the shots, which is another form of homeopathy, get shots made from the urushiol and it nearly killed her, her reaction is so violent. So that, as well, doesn't always work for everyone.

Another thing is, you MUST use soap, as water alone will not remove OILS. The sooner the better, and for some, just the mere contact alone will ensure blisters and violent reactions, no matter how soon you remove the oils (I'm one of those..... ;-(...)

Thanks for the article!!!

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