Organic Food Buying Clubs

Organic food buying clubs are part of the local food movement, encouraging the local production of food and providing a great way to get healthy, organic food at a great price. It can also promote the local production of excellent, organically produced foods, such as hormone-free raw milk, wheat, vegetables, honey, butter and cheese.

So What is a Food Club?

It's a group of people with similar interests in food who agree to band together to purchase a lot of food at a better price. They then distribute that food to the members at a discounted rate.

Just imagine it as your own local, organic grocery store where you have a real say in what's on the shelves.

Imagine getting your favorite organic food brands at a far better price, or having access to unusual brands of food. That's the beauty of organic food buying clubs.

Food clubs recognize the strength in numbers. A local producer might not be encouraged to sell organic raw milk if he only has one or two customers per week. But you can bet he'll be more powerfully persuaded if he can reach 100 customers who buy from him on a weekly basis.

Forming a Food Club

If you want a food group in your area, you will need to find at least 30 like-minded people in your area. How you find them is up to you, but if you are a member of any homeschool or church groups, those are good places to start.

Once you have your group in place, you'll need to start looking for food to purchase. You can find local farmers by searching through online places such as Craig's List and local Yahoo homesteading groups, if you have any (there are at least two of these pertinent to Oklahoma). Also ask for names of local farmers at your local feed dealers. Once you get some names, contact the farmers and ask if you can visit and see their farm. That will give you a good idea of whether the animals are healthy and well cared for.

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