No Experience, Just a Homesteading Desire

by Lisa

Hi Sue, I am in a funk. I have been for a long time.

I think 42 might be old enough to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I have never really been in or believed in the whole 9-5 concept. Well let me rephrase that, I figured it was a job and life was at home.

Anyway in the last year or more, I have begun walking a very spiritual journey. It crosses my mind often that I think it's best to use the land that the dear Lord has given us.

I am not in the mindset to "hate government" or "anti-corporate". Those are their choices.

This year we started renting a place on 4.5 acres, though only 2 are "usable" I plan on starting a garden and a few chickens for eggs. I live on a rather busy road and could sell what I don't personally use pretty easily.

It just seems to me that living naturally and using the land could be healthier for my family, save money and make me feel like I am giving back to this gift called earth.

I would love to see where it goes. It will be one step at time, as I still have to pay bills and raise 4 kids. I work part time at night to help do that. So right away I can't expect to "live" on what I could do. I live on the bare minimum now.

I love your site, it's wonderful and makes me feel like I COULD do this. It's scary when I have NO experience only desire, to start something new at an age when many have already a few years under their belt. However, I am not discouraged by that particular fact, more concerned with my lack of experience. :-)

So thank you for your website and I hope to take what I need and leave the rest and help build a little farm that can help sustain my family and bring us closer to the spirit of the earth and God. Peace, Lisa

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Mar 09, 2010
Passion is your power
by: Ric @ goose poop farm

Wow, this site and stories like yours continure to inspire me.
All I can say if you have thought about it, you can do it. You have passion! I wish I would have gotten started in my forties instead of waiting till my mid 50s. Wishes aside, go with your dream and all the good people on this site will cheer you on and answer any of your questions to the best we can, our combined ability and skills are awesome. We need each other.
Good Luck!

Feb 22, 2010
A good start !!
by: Anonymous

I too am in my early 40's and after losing my job as an "employment agent" in this recession, I am wondering what God would have me do. Praying is always a good first step; I am working PT and following a lot of advice this website offers. I have purchased a few dairy goats and have already been preparing for my gardens. All's I can say is keep moving forward, keep asking for God's guidance, and when you feel like you are making a difference and doing His will, life seems so much brighter. Good luck !!

Feb 08, 2010
I'm with you
by: Celesta

I know exactly what you're going through. I'm 50 and have been questioning the whole work until you drop dead lifestyle. I'm a registered nurse and have been coaching patients to change to healthier lifestyles with the whole traditional medical background. I have seen disease increase as well as obesity. I decided if I'm doing what I'm suppose to and it's not working... why not try something else? I first became aware of a alternative way to live when I saw Polyface farm and Joel Salitin on CNBC one Sat. Then it was a quick hop over to Weston Price Foundation. What I have learned has blown my preconceived health training out the window. It is NEVER too late to change. I have convinced my husband and we are in the process of moving to the country to restart our lives. We going to garden and raise chickens at first, then maybe a cow. Follow your dreams because they are what make life worth living.

Feb 03, 2010
never too late
by: D. Skidds

I agree that is not too late to change the way we do things in our lives. If you feel like it is time for a change then go for it. I have the same desire of changing how me and my family will live our lives. I believe it is time to go back to a simpler lifestyle with a more rewarding return. I started a patriotic garden from nothing 2 years ago and now it has given me the confidence to try my hand at other opportunities. I now have this deep desire to move from suburbs to a rural property and raise meat goats. I hope your dreams will come true!

Feb 03, 2010
It's Never Too Late to Start
by: Sue Merriam

Take heart, Lisa. My dad went back to college in his early forties and earned a bachelor's degree and then a master's degree. A good friend once told me that your forties were the best time of your life - when you truly become empowered and can accomplish so many things.

You are probably too old to make a full-time living farming (in his book You Can Farm: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Start & Succeed in a Farming Enterprise Joel Salatin warns only the young should pursue a career in farming), but you are never too old to start living simply and learning to live off the land. Self-sufficient living is a lifetime pursuit - you are always learning.

You're smart by starting simply. Keeping a garden and raising chickens are the way most people start. Just keep at it, and keep learning. Cut back on expenses and work on whittling down your debt. Then start saving money to buy your own place, and you'll be way ahead of so many people who work full-time pursuing materialism and end up with a load of debts and frustration.

As far as experience goes, you'll never learn unless you start doing. It's far better to actively pursue homesteading self-reliance and make mistakes than to be an "armchair" expert who never does much of anything.

Go for it! You have a great life ahead of you.

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