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Successful Homesteading, Issue # 43, Why the Organic Chicken Farm is More Important than Ever
October 04, 2013

Issue #043, October 4, 2013

Why the Organic Chicken Farm is More Important Than Ever


Did you know that the U.S. Department of Agriculture is rushing to pass a new rule for conventional poultry production to get rid of many of the USDA inspectors? Turns out all those pesky inspectors - whose job is to make sure our meat is clean and free of feces, pus, deadly bacteria and chemical contaminants - were slowing down the factory production of our chicken and turkey meat.

Chickens and turkeys raised in factories were already living in horrible conditions, leading to meat that was loaded with pathogens anyway, which meant that in order to pass inspection, that meat had to be sprayed with bleach and injected with chemicals.

But wait, it gets worse. It turns out there is a new generation of superbugs all those chemicals can't fight. So the food factory needs to wash our meat in even stronger chemicals and inject even more powerful chemicals into our meat. In order to get away with that, they need to fire the food inspectors.

With this new bill that eliminates many of these inspectors, the poultry industry will b able to cut their costs by $250 million a year. Good news for them, but bad news for the consumer who will be buying meat loaded with even stronger chemicals and likely also full of even more pathogens.

So what can we homesteaders do?

For one thing, we should definitely fight this new bill. You can learn how here. But we can also fight back in a more powerful way that will hurt the poultry industry right where it hurts the most - their pocketbook. We can raise our own healthy chickens for meat that we butcher ourselves and for eggs.

We can start our own chicken farm with organic chickens that are in a healthy environment that are well cared for.

We can raise our own healthy organic food, including learning how to treat our illnesses holistically. We can learn how to be more self reliant and avoid taking antibiotics as much as possible. We can join, or even start, a local food movement and participate in organic food buying clubs. And we can raise other types of our own meat as well, including hogs, goats and beef.

Let's start a grass roots movement today by saying no to factory food. And as always, happy homesteading.

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