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Successful Homesteading, Issue # 48, Finding Food for Free in the Wild - Foraging Guide, Part One
November 09, 2013

Issue #049, November 9, 2013

Why Insurance Itself is the Problem

A little over a hundred years ago, medicine wasn't the lucrative business it is today. People went into the medical field because they truly wanted to help others without expecting a whole lot in return. They would visit people's homes to treat the sick, bring babies into the world and ease the transition of those who were departing this life and sometimes they would get paid while at other times they would get a promise or a chicken.

Then health insurance entered the picture, and instead of being a calling, medicine became an industry. With insurance companies footing the bill, people could afford the most expensive procedures, often wrongly assuming that the costliest was the best. They stopped shopping around for the most affordable treatments because they didn't have to. The free market vanished. Medical costs skyrocketed.

Doctors stopped making house calls. They could make so much more money if the patients came to them. Plus, the more patients a doctor could see in a day, the more money he could make, so doctors started cutting their visits shorter and spent less time with their patients. They became strangers rather than friends.

Billions of dollars started flowing from more and more expensive and invasive testing procedures. Drug companies grew from profitable to downright monstrous, buying their way with Congress and the FDA, and bringing more and more drugs onto the market with profit reigning over common sense.

That's why I have always viewed the Affordable Health Care Act with a healthy degree of skepticism. We don't need more insurance in this country. It's insurance itself that has always been the problem.

Somewhere down the road, we lost focus of the fact that our health is our responsibility. We were never meant to be helpless blobs waiting for someone else to take care of us. We can take care of ourselves and do a far better job than the government ever could

We can treat many of our health care needs at home. I mentioned in a previous ezine how a simple butterfly closure can save you hundreds in medical bills. Bad burn? Calendula ointment can treat most burns effectively.

Alternative health treatments such as homeopathy and herbal remedies can treat colds and flus and other ailments, buy building our immune systems rather than attacking viruses.

Plus, we can also build our immune systems by eating good, healthy food we make from scratch, as well as food we grow ourselves, avoiding dangerous GMOs and high fructose corn syrup. We can cook our foods with healthy oils such as home-rendered lard and coconut oil. We can use extra virgin coconut oil to kill viruses and drink kefir to build our immune system from the inside out. And we can exercise to get fit.

Don't wait for someone else to make life better for you, because no one knows you like you do. Start today by joining the anti-health business revolution. We can speak powerfully when we say no.

And as always, happy homesteading!

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