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The Homesteading Blog is a mini-journal about all the how-tos on homesteading. Here's some great things it does:

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RSS works the same way.

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Making Cheese

Making cheese is a lot like making bread. With practice you can learn to make a wide range of cheeses.

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Make Your Own Shampoo

Make your own shampoo for a healthy shampoo for a fraction of the cost.

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Make a Decoction for Self Reliant Healing

Make a decoction and you have a way of relieving minor ailments without having to rely on costly medicines.

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Lye Soap Recipe For a Simple, Easy to Make Soap

Using this lye soap recipe is a good way to learn the ropes of soapmaking in a simple way.

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Lovage Herb - A Lovely, Often Overlooked Herb

Lovage herb is a lovely, often overlooked herb that was once a valuable addition to any self-reliant garden.

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List of Home Based Businesses for the Self Reliant Soul

A list of home based businesses will give you an idea of how you can stay at home and earn money.

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LED Grow Lights Basics

Led grow lights can reap huge benefits, especially when growing vegetables and other plants indoors.

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Is Coconut Oil Healthy

Is coconut oil healthy? Truth is, it's one of the healthiest things you can eat.

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How to Store Water

How to store water is one of the first things to learn when preparing for emergencies. It is basic to our survival.

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The Herb Chickweed

Herb Chickweed was considered a weed at one time, and there are still many variations of Chickweed, so to make certain you are harvesting the right variety, sow your Chickweed from purchased seed.

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