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Successful Homesteading, Issue # 37, Why Doctors Hate Homeopathy, and Why You Should Try It
April 15, 2011

Issue #037, April 15, 2011

Why Doctors Hate Homeopathy
and Why You Should Try It

Homeopathy...have you heard about it? Go online, and you'll find no end of websites, usually written by physicians labeling this form of medicine as quackery. But have you ever wondered why some doctors, and more specifically the pharmaceutical industry, feels threatened by homeopathic medicine?

Many traditional doctors, websites and pharmaceutical companies would like you to believe that only idiots and witch doctors practice homeopathy. But this form of medicine has been around for more than a hundred years, and the American Institute of Homeopathy was formed two years before the American Medical Association was organized.

In the late nineteenth century, one in four physicians practiced homeopathy in some parts of the United States, and homeopathy became especially popular after it was discovered how successful homeopathy was in treating the 1832 cholera epidemic in Europe.

But with the rise of the drug industry after the civil war, things changed. The pharmaceutical industry, eager to see increased profits, aligned with the American Medical Association in a campaign against homeopathic medicine. Then, in the 1940's when the "wonder drug" penicillin was discovered, homeopathy was viewed as obsolete.

Fast forward more than 70 years later, when so many people have taken penicillin that the drug is no longer effective, and superbugs have become immune to drugs. All those antibiotics served up in commercially produced meat and eggs have killed off the helpful bacteria in our intestines, weakening our immune systems and affecting our mental health as well.

The pharmaceutical industry has powerful lobbyists who push through drugs without adequately testing them to make certain they're safe, and virtually every physician who contributes to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental disorders receives at least $50,000 a year in payoffs from drug companies. (You can learn more about this by clicking here.) So many mental health drugs are being pushed on television that we have become a nation addicted to popping pills, and usually at a hefty price.

But are drugs the only form of medicine out there? And with so many dangerous side effects attached to drugs, should we really be popping all of those pills every day?

That's why I would really encourage you to try homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy is a gentle, noninvasive form of medicine that can treat and cure all kinds of ailments from migraines to tennis elbow. And unlike traditional medicines, homeopathic medicines cost very little money.

So if the high price of traditional medicine is one reason you are reluctant to leave the cubicle, consider this low-cost, less invasive form of medicine that has been humbly healing thousands for almost two centuries.

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