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Successful Homesteading, Issue # 32, Look Who's Waging a War Against Wholesome Food
November 13, 2010

Issue #032, November 13, 2010

Look Who's Waging a War on Wholesome Food

A woman and her eight small children are held at gunpoint for several hours while her house and food storage areas are searched. Why? Because she ran a food club. In another case, agents searched the home of a private family and seized their computers because they allowed a raw dairy farmer to park in their driveway while distributing raw milk to residents in the area.

A private food club in California had thousands of dollars worth of raw honey and raw dairy products seized and were shut down by agents. Both the FBI and the FDA were on the scene.

What's going on? Why, when there are so many true crimes being committed are innocent families and groups being terrorized over food of all things?

The War on Wholesome Food

There is a growing trend in our country to forego factory-produced, unhealthy food and buy locally-produced, raw milk and honey, fresh eggs and grass-fed beef. This is terrifying the huge food production companies, who are determined to crush the competition. And by using powerful lobbyists, they’ve recruited our government to help them.

So Why are Corporations so Terrified of the Little Guys?

The fact is, food factories can't produce the same quality of milk and other foods because they are - by their very nature - factories. The large-scale beef producers have huge costs, and can only make a profit if they keep cattle in large feedlots, feed them corn laced with growth hormones and antibiotics and butcher them in factories. Likewise the large-scale dairy producers can only be profitable if they pasteurize their milk and use growth hormones.

The local producers, on the other hand, can keep as little as a two or three head of cattle on their back lot and still make a profit while producing food in a much safer, cleaner and healthier environment.

Farmageddon and Your Health at Stake

If we want healthier food for us and our children, then it is up to us to fight for locally produced food. Contact your representatives and let them know you want protection for locally produced farmers. And watch for this new documentary coming out in 2011.

I Need Your Input!

I am thinking about adding a forum to Organic Gardening and Homesteading, where you can connect to other readers of this site, share knowledge and helpful tips, and discuss your passion about homesteading.

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Dehydrate Your Own Healthy Foods!

Food dehydrators are a great way to preserve food and keep in nutrients. By dehydrating your own food, you keep in far more nutrients than you would through traditional canning methods. Plus, you can make beef jerky, preserve fruit for snacks and dehydrate herbs and vegetables for soups.

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What's New?

Tips to Homesteading

Tips to homesteading wouldn't be complete without some pointers on how to keep from getting burned out. Read more.

Are There Degrees of Homesteading?

Question: I know you can homestead to any degree all the way to going off the grid completely, but what does your family do? Read more.

Small Garden Greenhouses

Small garden greenhouses are a worthwhile investment to get an early start on your garden and grow lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers during the cold winter months. Read more.

Lean To Greenhouse Kits

Lean to greenhouse kits are a great way for the do-it-yourselfer to build a greenhouse without a lot of carpentry or construction skills. Read more.

How Does a Generator Work?

If you live in the country now, or you are considering country life in the future, you will soon realize you don't always have a reliable source of power for your home. Ice storms, squirrels blowing up transformers or some other minor disaster could leave you without power for days or even weeks. Read more.

Herbal Allergy Remedies

Herbal allergy remedies won't always replace prescription medications, especially in serious or emergency situations. But they can be used to ease respiratory congestion and build your immune system. Read more.

Storing Batteries

Storing batteries is an important part of being prepared for an emergency. Should the power go out for an extended period of time and you are unable to make it to the grocery store, having a supply of batteries on hand will keep you in good stead. Read more.

Holistic Approach in Medicine

Holistic approach in medicine is medicine that treats the whole body, providing not only complete healing, but also a better, healthier way of living. Read more.

Portable Propane Generators

Portable propane generators - what separates them from other generators? You'll find that a propane generator is less expensive to run than the gasoline version, saving you money. Also propane is a much cleaner fuel that produces fewer toxic fumes, making it safer to use around the home. Read more.

And as always, happy homesteading!

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