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here's some simplicity, peace and more great recipes!
November 07, 2008

Issue #008, November 7, 2008. In This Issue...

--Simplicity - or Is That Second Job Worth It?

--How About a Little Peace

--The Emergency Supply Kit Every Homesteader Should Have

--An All Natural, Healthy Cleansing Cream Recipe

--Learn to Make Glycerin Soap

--Tips on Composting With Worms

--Grow Vegetables This Winter With a Cold Frame

--Homesteading Today - Earning Your Land by Living There

Lots of great information in this one. So grab that nice cup of herbal tea, kick back and read on!

Some Simplicity - or Is That Second Job Worth It?

Times are scary, and you may be tempted to pursue a part-time job to bring in more income, but before you sign up for that late-night stocking job, let me ask you something:

Is that second income worth it?

My first day in law school, one of my professors walked over to the chalkboard and drew a dollar sign, an equal sign and then the word “aspirin”.

“Money is the same as aspirin,” he said. “It might ease the pain for awhile, but it won’t make life better. I’m a rich man today, and just as miserable as I was when I started law school.”

True, the guy was a downer, but he had a point. Are we working harder because we really need the money, or are we grasping for more aspirin? The more pain you are in, the more tempted you are to ease that pain, either by spending time and money at the mall, going to concerts and movies, or buying and consuming chocolate (my personal favorite).

And if you get that job as a stocker (or sacker, or fast food employee) or if you decide to put in more hours at your job, the more pain you will be in, which means more spending.

Instead of working harder, work smarter.

Cut back on the pricey entertainment and start eating out less. Cook at home more. If you don’t know how to cook, get How to Cook Everything: The Basics by Mark Bittman and learn how. Preparing a great meal can be tremendously satisfying.

Also give yourself the luxury of time. Stop driving so much. Instead, plan ahead and shop online for things like Christmas gifts and the basics you need. It will arrive at your door and you won’t have to spend hours in the car battling traffic.

That way you’ll be able to enjoy life, despite the grim news facing us each day.

How About a Little Peace...

I had to share with you a post made in the Site Builders Forum by Susan (not me, a different Susan!) who is a veteran SBI’er and the author of a great website about puppy dogs.

Susan joined Site Build It! (SBI) in March, 2007. Here’s what she has to say about this great program, 20 months later:

“…All my hopes are being fulfilled. SBI has given me an incredible sense of freedom by giving me the opportunity to use talents I didn’t even know I had, to earn money to help support my family. All in a way that’s free of the restrictions that exist in the regular 9-5 rat race.”

“Working from home gives me the freedom to take care of my kids if they’re sick, be there during school vacations, run that ‘urgent’ errand, go to pediatrician appointments, do the school run, cook a dinner we can all eat together…it goes on and on.

“I read the newspapers, watch the TV, listen to the ‘hubbub’ and I know that these are difficult times. I’ve seen my stocks crash, gas prices go up, banks fall down…and felt a degree of panic just like most everyone else, but my website has been a constant source of peace. Every month my traffic goes up a little bit, my Adsense income rises, another affiliate brings in a few dollars, and someone take the time to say ‘thanks for your site’ or ‘your site has really helped me out’. What more could I want?”

Who wouldn’t want a rewarding opportunity that provides that kind of peace especially during these turbulent times? And did you notice the topic of her website? Puppies! Susan is turning her knowledge and passion for puppies into a great source of income.

Is there a topic you’re wild about? And would you like the same peace Susan has? Then be sure to read this page about SBI and how you can turn your passion into an income.

So What's New?

More Self Reliant Tips…

During these scary times, the self reliant homesteader knows how important it is to be prepared. That's why having an emergency supply kit on hand is a must for every family. Here are the reasons you need one and what supplies you should have.

More Fun Bath Care Items to Make!

This cleansing cream recipe is all natural and will not only moisturize your skin, it will feed it. This is a boon for the self reliant homesteader who wants healthy skin care at a reasonable price.

Looking for a easy and inexpensive gift that smells fabulous and looks luxurious? Then follow these easy instructions on how to make glycerin soap, and you’ll soon be making all natural soaps that look and smell luscious.

Great Gardening Tips!

Composting with worms, also known as vermicomposting will provide you with the best possible nutrients for your organic garden. Here are some tips for using worms to clear out your kitchen waste.

Grow vegetables this winter with an easy cold frame!

A cold frame helps the self reliant homesteader raise salads and other vegetables even during the cold winter months. Here are tips on how to build and use one.

And Finally...

Is homesteading today still possible? You bet! Here are some towns willing to give you free land if you can prove you are willing and able to live there.

And as always, happy homesteading!

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