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Successful Homesteading, Issue # 54, Do You Have a Homesteading Mindset?
September 19, 2016

Issue #54, September 19, 2016

Do You Have the Homesteading Mindset?

There is a tremendous amount of freedom involved in pursuing the homesteading lifestyle: the peace of knowing you are debt free, the satisfaction of knowing you can produce your own food and other necessities and the joy that comes from the simple things.

But be aware, that the homesteading lifestyle might not be for everyone. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if you have the homesteading mindset.

Are You Willing to Live With Less?

Acquire too many things and they begin to own you, rather than the other way around. For decades now, we've been steeped into a materialistic mindset: we're taught from the cradle to the grave that we won't be happy unless we buy, buy, our detriment, especially if we buy it on credit.

If you want to acquire that piece of land, you must learn to spend less, which means learning to live with less. Think of it this way. So many of us already have so much stuff, we can't keep track of it all anyway. Do you really need that additional knick knack?

By learning to live with less, you have less to worry about, need less room and have less stuff to dust. It's a win/win situation.

Are You Willing to Be Different?

Some people are lucky enough to own a house outright - without a mortgage - in the suburbs. But for most of us, a nice home in a good neighborhood comes with a pricey mortgage or rent we often can't afford. If you want to be debt free, you're going to have to be different.

You may need to rethink and build your own straw bale or cob construction home. Or you may need to build a tiny home or live in a camper on your piece of land. By being willing to step out of the norm, you can avoid an expensive mortgage and get out debt far more quickly.

Are You Willing to Do Things Yourself?

Are you willing to raise your own meat and grow your own food? Are you willing to cook and preserve it yourself? If you get sick, are you willing to treat yourself with natural remedies before calling a doctor? The homesteading life means being self reliant and doing things yourself, rather than looking to others to do it for you.

Are You Willing to Try New Things?

Are you brave enough to make your own soaps and lotions? Are you willing to use a composting toilet? To be a homesteader, you must be willing to try new experiences, such as foraging for your own food, healing yourself with herbs that grow in the wild and maybe even keeping bees. Just as it did a century ago, homesteading requires courage.

Are You Willing to Work Hard?

Whether it's building your own home or digging in your garden, homesteading takes a lot of hard work. Just moving a few chicken tractors takes some physical strength, so be aware that the homesteading lifestyle isn't a life of ease.

But for those of us who love self reliance, the hard work is well worth the peace and satisfaction we experience every time we accomplish a small success, whether it's a great harvest, our first sale of honey or that pumpkin pie we made from scratch.

Are You Ready to Flee the Rat Race?

I am so excited to announce that my new book, Say No to the Rat Race: How Homesteading Can Set You Free will be coming out in October, 2016. This book will provide you with crucial information you need to get out of debt, save money and acquire your own hand and home mortgage free. My new book will cover the following information:

  • Getting Rid of Debt - helpful steps to become debt free
  • The Simplistic Mindset and how to achieve it
  • Learn to feed your body to right way to protect your health and gain energy
  • Helpful tips on growing your garden
  • Tips of raising your own meat
  • Learning how to care for what you have
  • Tips on Natural Healing
Not only that, but I'm also including:

  • A Budget Battle Plan
  • At home income ideas to live off your land
Look for my new book to come out in mid October, and until then, may all your homesteading efforts be joyful!

Sue Merriam

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