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Successful Homesteading, Issue # 55, Wealth Through Simplicity
September 26, 2016

Issue #55, September 26, 2016

Wealth Through Simplicity
How Less is So Much More

It's the secret of abundance that few people realize.

  • That true wealth comes from learning to live on less and making the most of what you have.

  • That we've been brainwashed into buying way too many things we don't need.

We're bombarded by the media and by the pressures of society to spend, spend, spend way beyond what we can afford. Plus, readily available credit doesn't help. It has enslaved us into debt, paying for things that lost their value long before we've finished paying for them.

That's why learning to pursue a life of simplicity is so crucial. We need to get back to the basics and defy the materialistic age in which we live. Not only do we not need that fast food, or those designer clothes, we also don't need that huge house others expect us to be enslaved to.

I talk about this in my upcoming book, Say No to the Rat Race: How to Find Freedom Through Homesteading. In the following excerpt, I talk about breaking free from others' expectations of where you should live:

"I was once a member of a church in a prosperous area where Sunday school house parties were more a parade of homes than a friendly get-together. Have you ever been to one of those, where you were afraid of dropping something and damaging the high-priced carpet? Places like these tend to look more like museums than homes. Is that really the kind of home you want?

You need to ask yourself what's more important to you: impressing people you don't know very well and probably don't like much; or living in a home you can truly afford and having true peace mind.

Besides, do you really need all that space? Before you answer that question, think about the homes people used to build themselves and live in, often with a large brood of children. They typically had:

  • One sitting room or front room.
  • One kitchen, although often that was in the front room.
  • One bathroom, if you were lucky. Most folks had an outhouse
  • One or two bedrooms - Mom and Dad slept in one and the kids all piled into the other.
I'm not saying we need to go back to an outhouse, but what I am saying is that for centuries people made do with a whole lot less. It's only in the past few decades that we've developed this crazy notion that a home with less than 1500 square feet is not worth living in. Who says that every single child in your home needs his or her own bedroom and bathroom? Most kids like sleeping together in one room, and they fight just as much sleeping in two bedrooms as they would in one.

So consider this radical notion: How about living in a smaller house -
  • With a small, doable mortgage on land in an area where it is far more affordable.
  • In a house you have built yourself and (at least) mostly own yourself.
By the way, I don't mean hiring a contractor who will charge you an arm and a leg to build your huge, 1,800 square-feet-or-up home. I mean building your own smaller, simple house yourself so that the only mortgage you have is a small one on the land and the minimal supplies you needed. It can be done. And there are a number of options available to you..."

Say No to the Rat Race: How to Find Freedom in Homesteading will be coming in October, 2016.

Are You Ready to Flee the Rat Race?

I am so excited to announce that my new book, Say No to the Rat Race: How Homesteading Can Set You Free will be coming out in October, 2016. This book will provide you with crucial information you need to get out of debt, save money and acquire your own hand and home mortgage free. My new book will cover the following information:

  • Getting Rid of Debt - helpful steps to become debt free
  • The Simplistic Mindset and how to achieve it
  • Learn to feed your body to right way to protect your health and gain energy
  • Saying no to the grocery store
  • Tips on natural healing
Not only that, but I'm also including:

  • A Budget Battle Plan
  • At-home income ideas to live off your land
Look for my new book to come out in October, and until then, may all your homesteading efforts be joyful!

Sue Merriam

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