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Successful Homesteading, Issue # 14, You Can Build a Chicken Tractor Now Available!
April 18, 2009

Issue #014, April 18, 2009. In This Issue...

--You Can Build a Chicken Tractor - Now in print for just $12.95!

--Successful Homesteading Now in Print

--The Future of Food

Powerful and empowering information you don't want to miss. So read on!

It's Finally Here! You Can Build a Chicken Tractor

If youíve ever thought of keeping free range chickens in a chicken tractor, this book is for you! In addition to providing full plans and giving you step by step instructions on how to build your own chicken tractor, this handy guide gives tons of great tips, including great sources of free wood, how to recover your costs by selling chicks, chicken care and egg recipes. All for the great low price of $12.95. Ready to buy? Click here.

Want to learn more? Click here.

Successful Homesteading - Also Now in Print!

Iíve gotten requests from readers asking for a printed version of the back issues of Successful Homesteading. If you are interested in purchasing these printed versions, you can purchase them here.

The Future of Food

I recently watched a fascinating interview of Deborah Koons Garcia, former wife of Jerry Garcia (of the Grateful Dead) and a filmmaker in her own right. She wrote, produced and directed the film, The Future of Food. During that interview, she brought up some disturbing points about the food that we, as a nation, are eating.

It turns out that the FDA has given virtual carte blanche approval of genetically engineered food in this country despite the fact that there has been no real testing of the long range consequences of consuming this food. And by the way, if you think youíve never eaten any genetically modified food, youíre wrong. Genetically engineered food is in a large amount of the processed foods produced and sold within the United States today, and it is making all of us pretty sick.

According to Garcia, corn, cotton, soy and canola are all now being genetically engineered in the U.S. If things donít change, we could end up have nothing but genetically altered food, endangering our already fragile health and making us more prone to disease, allergies and asthma.

So how can we fight back and protect our health, as well as stop the Frankenstein food that corporations are trying to slip to us unawares? Here are a few tips from Garcia:

Cook From Scratch

It doesnít take much longer to fix a meal at home than it would to get into your car, drive to a fast food restaurant, stand in line to make that purchase, and then drive home again. Pursue the art of frugal cooking. Buy your grains in bulk from local producers, and make your own bread and .

Buy Organic

Not only does money talk, but right now in America, it virtually screams. Choose to purchase organic, whole foods rather than the processed junk. With all the money you will be saving by making things from scratch, you will be able to afford the quality, organic items.

Learn to Grow Your Own Food Organically

Keep a compost pile, and learn to build up your soil, so that it is a living, healthy environment for your vegetables, rather than just dead dirt. Keep chickens or goats, and add their manure to your compost pile.

Buy Local

Instead of eating out, stop by your local farmerís market, buy good quality, locally produced fruits, vegetables and honey, and cook at home. That way you know youíre getting good quality food and supporting farmers who refuse to turn their farms into genetically engineered food factories.

Sell Locally

Do you have a surplus of organically grown tomatoes or other vegetables? Consider selling them in your local farmerís market as well. Youíll make some homesteading income and make the future of food in America brighter.

And as always, happy homesteading!

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