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Successful Homesteading, Issue # 63, I'm Feeding My Chicks Sprouts
March 14, 2017

Issue #63, March 14, 2017

I'm Feeding My Chicks Sprouts

My chickens are growing! They're two weeks old and so cute that I had to share a picture of at least one of them; that's a blue cochin chick. Along with that cutie, I also have some brown egg layers and a few exotic chicks just for fun.

And because I want my chicks to be the healthiest they can be, I'm growing wheat sprouts and introducing them into my chicks' diet. Sprouts are one of the best forms of nutrition around. It turns out that seeds have a ton of nutrition inside that are only unlocked when you start to sprout them.

Not only that, but growing sprouts are a good way to cut down on your feed bill. Because sprouts are more nutrient dense, your chicks get full faster with the best kind of nutrition.

So if you plan on raising chicks this spring, or if you have a full-grown flock, add sprouts to their diet, for healthier chickens and better eggs and meat. You can learn more about sprouting here.

Best of all, chickens can be raised in the city as well as the country. They're gentle, good with children and hardy. So order your chicks or get from your local feed supply store. You won't regret it.

The Benefits of Growing Aloe Vera

Learn how to grow aloe vera, and you will have a natural first-aid remedy at your fingertips as well as an excellent antioxidant that fights cancer and inflammation. Here are the crucial points you need to know to grow aloe vera.

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How to Butcher Chickens

Butcher chickens you have raised yourself, and you have the satisfaction of being truly self reliant as well as knowing exactly what is in the meat you are serving to your family.

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Choose the Right Grain Mill

The grain mill is an essential part of the homestead kitchen. If you don't have one of these nifty little tools, you're not only missing out on some of the most fabulous-tasting flour ever, you're also missing out on the best nutrition out there.

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Benefits of Shepherd's Purse

Benefits of shepherds purse include not only a tasty addition to your salads or stews, but also a medicinal herb that can increase fertility, stop internal hemorrhages and make childbirth easier. Here's some good information on this great little wild plant.

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Beekeeping Starter Kit

Owning a beekeeping starter kit and having the right beekeeping equipment is crucial for the successful homestead beekeeper. If you are thinking of having a colony or two of bees on your property, here is a list of some of the tools you will need:

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