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The power of preparing, great recipes and the urban goat.
October 10, 2008

Issue #006, October 10, 2008. In This Issue...

--Why Jill and Jose Are Two of My Favorite People.

--Eight Great, Surprise Benefits of Preparing For the Worst.

--Tips For Water Storage.

--How to Buy Bulk Grains.

--The Best Way to Store Bulk Grains.

--Tips For Cooking Wheat Berries.

--Frugal Enchiladas

--Beefy, Bulgur Vegetable Soup

--The Backyard Goat

As always, we've got a ton of great information for you. So grab that nice cup of herbal tea, kick back and read on!

Meet Jill and Jose, Two of My Favorite People

And why, you may ask, is that?

Because Jill and Jose live and travel in their RV full-time. Can you imagine the life they must lead? How great it would be to take your home on the road, to see new things, meet new people and have new adventures every day.

And how much it would cost to fill that RV gas tank. Yikes!

My husband Rick and I have talked about living the RV life, but how could we possibly afford it?

But Jill and Jose can - and do - quite comfortably.

How, may you ask?

It all started when they decided to take this great online self-study course called Site Build It. SBI shows you step by step how to build a successful website.

But you’re not just building a website, you’re also building a successful online business. And best of all, you don’t need a lot of savvy computer knowledge to do it. If you can click a mouse, you can build a website, if you use SBI.

Jill and Jose knew nothing about how to build a website when they started, but fortunately, they knew about SBI. And now they have the time and the finances to pursue what they really love.

Like ride their RV around the country – something most people dream about.

Ready to pursue your dream? Then learn more about SBI by clicking here.

Eight Great, Surprise Benefits of Preparing For the Worst

Tired of all the doom and gloom you’ve heard lately? Trust me, you’re not alone. Dow Jones dropping points, GM going bankrupt, threats of terrorism. Yikes!

In these scary, unstable times, we do need to prepare for the worst, but believe it or not, there are a lot of unexpected benefits. Of course, there’s the obvious – having things on hand when we need them – but here are also eight fantastic, unexpected benefits of preparing for the worst:

Life stays fun

You’ve heard rumors on the job that there might be layoffs. Prices are skyrocketing. You come home and your children as pleading for you to take them to the park. Do you bite their heads off? You don’t have to if you know you have sufficient supplies laid up for crisis. Yes, you really can have fun as long as you have taken the time to prepare. Life will stay consistently normal. You’ll be able to take the kids to the park and have fun, secure in knowing you have done everything possible to be ready.

You Actually Save money

Here’s how. You bought all that food and supplies to have on hand for an emergency, right? But you also don’t want those things to become old and outdated. So wait for the next sale and then stock up. Then rotate. Place the new items in your emergency pantry and use the older things while you wait for the next sale something that usually happens on a consistent basis. Keep enough on hand to carry you over from one sale to the next, and you will always be purchasing at a discount.

You Get Healthier

Some of the best foods to store are also the ones with the most nutrition. Items such as whole wheat berries, beans, whole grains and dehydrated vegetables have far more nutrients than their frozen and processed counterparts.

Start buying those foods in bulk now. Rotate what you have and replace the older items in your emergency pantry. By preparing and eating these fabulous foods right now, you will be used to them during an emergency. Plus, you'll be amazed at the increased energy you have.

You Get Back in Touch With the Basics

There is truly nothing more satisfying than learning to prepare your own bread from wheat you just ground yourself, or knowing you can make your own soap when needed. By keeping your own chickens you know what goes into the eggs you eat as well as the meat - should you take that path.

It’s a Great Teaching Example For the Kids

Like it or not, you are the number one role model for your children. If they see you getting prepared for unexpected, they are much more likely to follow in your footsteps. You are setting an example of preparation that could bless countless generations to come. Now doesn’t that make you feel better about all those cans of tomatoes you just bought?

Your Children Feel More Secure

And while we’re on this topic, your children will be more secure as well – especially if you get them involved. Have them help you stock the pantry. Teach them to dial 911 and make sure they know their full address and your full name. Have practice drills so they know what to do in an emergency. By having a task to do, your children will feel more in control and less fearful of the scary news they may be overhearing on television.

You Will Be Prepared For the Small Crises in Life

Let’s say the economy stabilizes tomorrow, and the threat of terrorism disappears. So did you do all that hard work for nothing? Of course not! Imagine having the flu and not having to worry about driving to the grocery store when you’re sick.

If you get laid off or if you decide to go back to school, all those supplies could help you get over some rough spots. Even if you never face a major catastrophe, there are plenty of minor ones in everyone’s life. Far better to be prepared.

It helps you become more organized

All those extra supplies have to go somewhere. Stocking up for an emergency forces you to start cleaning out those cluttered closets and cabinets now.

So the next time someone accuses you of being a Johnny Raincloud because you’re stocking up, just smile. You’re making for a sunny day now.

So What's New?

Inspired now to get prepared? Here at Organic Gardening and Homesteading, we’ve been focusing on ways you can get ready for the worst – and even have fun doing it:

Water storage is the first thing you should think about when preparing for an emergency. Learn how much to store and how to treat contaminated water.

Once you’ve got sufficient water laid up, you should next focus on buying bulk grain. Here are some tips.

Once you have all that great grain, are you wondering where should you put? Here are tips on storing your grain.

If you have never cooked with whole grains before, start now, and your children will have a much easier time adjusting to the change of diet. Here are tips for cooking wheat berries.

For the crafty homesteader in all of us, learn to make perfume, and you’ll have a rich gift for friends and loved ones at a fraction of the cost.

And from the Homestead Kitchen:

Craving authentic Mexican? Try this great frugal enchiladas recipe made with items from your bulk food supply.

Another great recipe you can make from your bulk food supply: A bulgur vegetable soup with a beefy twist.

And finally for the urban homesteader:

The backyard goat – tips for keeping a goat in the city. Some great ideas on keeping these wonderful animals in your own backyard.

And as always, happy homesteading!

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