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Post your homesteading question here, and I'll answer it as quickly as possible.

If I feel it is a question that other readers would benefit from, I'll post it on this page. So let me know your homesteading question, and thanks for stopping by!

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Is there something you'd like to know about living the self reliant life that you haven't found on this website? Write your question below, and I'll answer it. If it's something I think everyone would benefit from, I'll post it here on this page.

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What should I know before I begin 
My husband daughter and I moved to my husbands childhood home in the country in California's Central Valley about three years ago. Prior to this we lived …

can't keep goats 
What's the deal with me not being able to keep goats on my 3 acres?? They drop dead steadlly. No matter the age. I thought it was the wild grasses, then …

raising goats organically 
We are planning on raising goats as soon as we can get the fencing up. I don't like the idea of pumping the animals full of so many drugs(dewormers) and …

how to get started..!??  
Hi..! we are wanting to get started on homesteading but we are concerned about the costs of land & taxes, housing, materials for shelters, fences, livestock …

thinking about getting Nigerian dwarf goats  
I am new to homesteading, But it the turn of the economy, government and everything else going on in the world we decided to take a leap of faith and …

growing your own fodder 
With the cost of feed skyrocketing, I am certain a lot of homesteaders/backyard farmers are scrambling to find alternate ways of feeding their animals. …

Living Independent 
We are looking to buy some property and set up to live on our own. We need to know everything. How much property...setting up camp. We want to live …

Lovingly in Northern Maine 
Can you still buy a cabin and land under $50,000 in northern Maine?

I live in Elsmere Kentucky. I don't own my home, i am renting, i was wanting to know if I'm allowed to have a rooster and a couple hens for egg purposes, …

What breed of dog is good for homesteaders?  
We want a good homestead dog. Intruder alarm (two- legged or four). Does one breed stand out above others with your readers for being a good yard dog. …

can you have chickens in elsmere ky 
Can you have chickens in elsmere ky?

gardening and animals 
Do you have any helpful hints to a layout of a garden to support a family of 6-8? How much to plant? Raised beds or rows? How many jars do I need for …

getting started 
My husband and I are making plans to become totally self-sufficient within the next year. We know this will be a HUGE change and we want to be totally …

Growing Indoors? 
I was wondering if you might be able me out. I am very new to this; however, after seeing the effect of foods, etc. on children and adults from all the …

Brand New, How to Start? 
We are first time home buyers, and I have ranch life roots (i.e. been around a family member's ranch, fed cows, helped cut them, had a few chickens in …

Mugwort and Goats 
Hi there, just writing to ask about how much mugwort would you use and how often to rid goats of worms. Also if you still need to do some other worming …

Where Do I Start? 
I have 22 acres of pasture with a home site. I still owe on the land. I don't have a lot of bills to pay off; just the land. I don't have a lot of money …

Building Your Own Homestead Cabin 
Hi, I just purchased 30 acres to start a homestead. I already own a home, and am afraid that I will not be able to sell it in the current housing …

Chicken in a Chicken Tractor 
Where do you put the chickens in the tractor in the winter? I am in Vermont.

Are there Degrees of Homesteading? 
Your website is wonderful. We have always known we would Homestead; we just did not know how, and now it seems real thanks to websites like yours, …

Essential Oil in Oil Burners 
Hello, I stumbled across your site while I was looking into recipes for homemade soap. I'm really getting into making my own body, beauty, and cleaning …

Getting Started 
How do I get started? We are in our early 60's with arthritis as is so common for our age group. We have 10 acres, a few chickens, four horses, and some …

chickens and goats 
Can you find out if I can have chickens and/or goats in Elsmere, Kentucky (near Florence).

Let me begin by saying how inspirational and insightful your website is to me! I found it by chance and have been reading it fervently ever since (yesterday!). …

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Cabin in Maine 
Just bought a cabin in Maine, and I now own over two acres of land and have over 200 acres around us! But I can't even grow a weed! What can I …

Were do I start? 
Hello, My name is Nicole Sennett and my husband and I have begun the conversations of living off the land. We live a basically normal Americanized-consumerized …

Am I allowed to have chickens/goats in my yard? 
Hello Ms. Merriam, I am quite literally starting my quest to learn how to be self-sufficient and practice homesteading skills. What I'd like to know …

How can I homestead a place thats been condemed? 
What do I have to do to homestead an abandoned house?

Will Chickens Be Warm Enough in a Chicken Tractor? 
Hello, my name is Sara, and I love your website, it has been very helpful. I recently bought your chicken tractor e-book and have got a brooder set up …

Is it possible to be self sufficient on a little over 1/2 an acre 
I was just wondering if it is possible for us to raise some type of animals and have a garden on such a small plot of land? I'm very interested in …

We Need Land! 
We desire to farm/homestead dearly. We breed beagles and I want to homeschool our two children. We love to work land and are excited to raise a large family. …

Found a house! 
We found a house that I like very much in SW Wisconsin near Viroqua. We are planning another trip this weekend to get inside and look at all the rooms …

Can goats be housed on ground where chickens have been?  
If I have baby goats can they be housed in an area where I raised chicks. Only had chicks there for three months but want to put a permanent goat barn/pasture …

Homesteading research 
I am an avid homesteader, from a line of urban homesteaders. I am going through college, and my major is agriculture. I am trying to compose a thesis on …

Baby Chicks and Litter Care 
I put pine shaving on the bottom of my box for my 3 week year old chickens and they are eating it. Is this bad for them? Also, someone told me to put …

Future Homesteader 
I and my wife have recently purchased a very old farmhouse and 20 acres of land for a very reasonable price. I just want to tell you that I am so very …

How to turn our Urban backyard into a garden? 
We live in the city, Lexington, KY and we have grown tomatoes and cucumbers, but most recently tried growing everything from seed. I even tested the soil …

How to Manage 80 Acres to its Best Potential. 
Hi, my name is Tim and I recently (2yrs ago) bought 80 acres near Cheyenne, Wyoming. I am 67 yrs old and it's just me. I presently have 5 ewe sheep and …

Saving ice 
How did the old-timers save winter ice for summer use? Nancy

benefits of learning to depend on self, not government 
I am doing a report for writing class on "Cause and Effect". The cause being I'm interested in becoming self reliant and dependent on God instead of the …

Goat manger measurements 
I love the info on your website! I especially like the article on the goat hay feeder design - great pics! For Nigerian Dwarf does - what distance do you …

Starting Out! 
What would your best advise be to someone who is just starting out. Like some "what to do" and "not do" tips.

Buying Grain in Bulk 
Hello, My husband and I believe strongly in preparing for a total economic crash. (Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst). We have not obtained …

What Can I Do? 
I already grow herbs for my own enjoyment, I didn't think I could make any money off of them. I own half an acre of ground, have a good size garden and …

getting home and staying home 
We are familiar with hobby farming and being frugal and so on as I was home and homeschooling for 7 yrs. I, for some stupid reason, decided I needed to …

baby chicks  
Hi there. We recently started raising chickens, and well we are so lucky to have had one of our fertilized eggs hatch. Our goal, of course, is to make …

no "about us/me" page? 
Hello -- I just happened upon your website when I was looking for information on homesteading and I'm so in love! I think this might be my new favorite …

grinding mills for wheat and coffee 
I'm new to this, and I just started planting my garden and I expanded, with coffee plants and will order wheat. Where's a good place to find a coffee …

Raising Layers in the Winter in Minnesota 
I am seriously thinking of buying your book :) building a tractor and raising my own layers. My biggest concern is keeping chickens through the harsh …

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How Can We Buy a Home? 
Okay, I have a question; we don't have credit cards (thank God). But we do have rent, utilities, a car payment, groceries, gas, cellphones, and cable. …

Natural "Lawn Mowers"? 
I have talked to you before regarding questions I've had and I appreciate the time you have taken to answer them. Now I have a new question! We have …

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