What should I know before I begin

My husband daughter and I moved to my husbands childhood home in the country in California's Central Valley about three years ago. Prior to this we lived in the city. The home is on one and a third acre, so it's not much. I feel like I've just gotten my toes wet, and want to dive all the way in to this whole "Country life". We have a couple of horses, and we took in a couple orphaned goats last spring, but we're now ready to move on to more acreage. I would like to learn to live off the land and produce an income off of my land. We're looking at about 20 acres (that's what fits our budget)My desire is to have a couple head of cattle to sell the beef, sell goats milk and baby goats, breed large dogs (guardian dogs and labs),grow an organic garden and fruit and nut trees to sell the produce and preserves at a farmers market as well as raise laying hens and sell the eggs. I'm sure that no matter how thoroughly I've researched there will be things I've not thought of, and would appreciate any advice you might have. If it helps you to know we are moving from the Central Valley to Northern California.

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Congratulations on Your Start!
by: Susan W


Don't worry about that small land you are on right now. You can still grow a raised bed garden and keep chickens even with a small piece of land. Just start small, and learn as you go. Start and make the most of what you have right now. You will be well on the way to self-sufficient living.

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