What Can I Do?

by Samantha
(Winamac, IN USA)

I already grow herbs for my own enjoyment, I didn't think I could make any money off of them. I own half an acre of ground, have a good size garden and even some brown egg laying hens coming next week. Do I have enough land for a few hives also? I have looked all over the internet for needed amount of land for a beehive and I can't find anything anywhere.

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Half an acre is plenty
by: Sue Merriam

Hi Samantha,

People in town keep beehives, so I wouldn?t worry about having sufficient space, especially if you already have half an acre and a good-sized garden. The three things you should consider when getting bees are a nearby water source, having sufficient plants for pollination, and your neighbors.

With a garden you should have sufficient plants, and as long as you keep a bucket of water nearby, you?ll have sufficient water. As far as the neighbors go, you should let them know you are thinking about keeping bees, and offer them a share of the honey to sweeten the deal. You should be fine.

If you want to know more about the right place to keep your hive, you can read about it here.

Best Bee Hive Location

Also, be sure to join a local beekeeper?s group. They can provide you with lots of in-depth information and will know the best places to get your bees and supplies.

Happy Homesteading and Beekeeping!

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